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Financial Planning Integration Course (FPIC)



As of April 1, 2020, completion of the FPIC will be required for students on the CSI Education Paths prior to enrolling in the AFP Examination.*

Until March 31, 2020 students must be enrolled in the AFP Certification Exam in order to enrol in the FPIC.

The Financial Planning Integration Course (FPIC) is the final course on your path towards earning the Personal Financial Planner (PFP®) designation. The FPIC builds on what you have learned while completing your Certificate of Advanced Financial Advice.

The FPIC will help you integrate what you have learned in earlier courses and apply them to practical, real-life client situations. It will help you to assess your knowledge and your ability to apply that knowledge. It will help you identify any gaps in the different financial planning areas, so that you can address them as you study this course.

This course includes a series of quizzes, workbook questions and practice cases that serve as a "putting it all together" exercise. The purpose is to better prepare you to challenge the AFP Certification Examination and provide with the tools you need to have deeper financial planning conversations with your clients.

Also included is access to the current version of all courses on the CSI's PFP® Education path. That's an unparalleled value and conveniently packaged within the FPIC.

The FPIC helps you to understand what to expect on the AFP Certification Examination and how to study for it. The various integration activities are designed to help you identify your learning gaps in terms of the competencies, skills and knowledge expected of financial planners and address those gaps prior to challenging the AFP Certification Examination. This course provides you with the opportunity to refine and demonstrate your mastery in all domains of financial planning. It also helps you integrate your learning with the competencies you acquire in your day-to-day practice and the practical experience you gained through working with other experts.

Who should enrol?

As of April 2020, the FPIC is designed for employees and students in the financial services industry who have completed their Certificate of Advanced Financial Advice and want to continue on the path to attaining the PFP®. *

Prior to March 31, 2020, the FPIC is a valuable study aid in preparation for challenging the AFP Certification Exam. Only students enrolled in the AFP Certification Exam are eligible to enrol in the course.

* Students that have completed the Financial Planning II (FP II) course or the Financial Planning Supplement (FPSU) course as of March 31, 2020 will not be required to complete the FPIC.

Course leads to the following credential: