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Financial Planning Supplement (FPSU)


Build on your financial planning knowledge to prepare for the PFP® or CFP® exams

This course provides you with a holistic view of financial planning, which is essential for your career advancement and prepares you to earn an industry designation. To become a credible financial planner, advisors need an in-depth understanding of the practices, processes and strategies. From customized planning for individuals and market segments to insurance planning and family law, advisors must strengthen their knowledge in a variety of areas covered in this course.

This course is also an essential component within the approved educational path that provides you with the knowledge and skills you must know to successfully write the Applied Financial Planning Examination (AFP), and then move towards the authoritative PFP® designation. It is also an essential component within the CSI WME educational path approved by the FPSC to prepare you to write the Financial Planning Examination Level I (FPE Level I) and move towards the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation.


You will complete a comprehensive understanding of financial planning and interrelated topics. Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Be better prepared to a larger types of answer questions from clients, increasing trust
  • Increase understanding of all financial planning strategies, increasing credibility
  • Gain confidence to write the AFP Exam towards the PFP® (or FPE Level I towards the CFP®) and advance yourcareer
  • Increase earning potential by offering clients improved and more comprehensive services

Who should enrol?

The Financial Planning Supplement course will benefit investment advisors, mutual fund and life insurance representatives who have already completed the WME and are working towards an industry designation. It will also appeal to anyone interested in a financial planning career who is working in the securities or mutual fund and banking sectors.