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LLQP Insurance Course

(Prerequisite course to qualify to write the provincial Life Licence Qualification Program (LLQP) examination)

Expand Your Service Offering

The LLQP  is an essential foundation to build insurance expertise as an agent, financial security advisor, financial planner, independent broker or dual-licensed advisor.

Upon completion of this course you should have a thorough understanding of the following competencies:

  • Assess the client’s needs and situation
  • Analyze the available products that meet the client’s needs
  • Implement a recommendation adapted to the client’s needs and situation
  • Provide customer service during the validity period of the coverage
  • Integrate into practice the legal aspects of insurance and annuity contracts

Please make certain to enroll in the course that reflects the licensing requirements of the province(s) or territories where you will be selling insurance.

Qualify to Write Your LLQP Exam

This comprehensive and concise course covers the curriculum prescribed by the Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators. You will learn about the different types of life and disability insurance and the agent's role regarding policies, application, underwriting and claims. You will also learn how clients can use annuities and segregated funds, respectively, as income-producing savings products and as vehicles for investment. Finally, you will learn about the ethical considerations of an insurance practice and the role of the organizations that protect clients.

CSI has been an approved provider of a prerequisite course for LLQP requirements since 2002 and we are pleased to confirm that we are continuing to offer the harmonized LLQP in all provinces and territories within Canada. CSI is proud to have a past track record of graduates receiving one of the highest LLQP pass rates in the industry (93% in 2016).

Expand Your Scope of Services

Expand your service offering and revenue potential by providing advice on life insurance, accident and sickness insurance and insurance related investment products including annuities and segregated funds.

Who Should Enrol

Enrol in CSI’s new LLQP Insurance Course if you’re:

  • Aspiring to enter the insurance industry
  • Looking to obtain a life insurance license by writing the provincial LLQP examination
  • In a position to offer clients insurance advice
  • A practitioner in the financial industry, such as Private Bankers seeking further knowledge in insurance

Wanting to achieve an accident and sickness license only?  Take our Accident and Sickness Insurance Course.

Already licensed for common law provinces and looking to be licensed in Quebec, or already licensed for Quebec and are looking to be licensed in common law provinces?  Take our Insurance Ethics and Professional Practice Module.