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Moody's Problem Loans Course (PLC)


Recognize and manage distressed loans

Making sound credit and lending decisions is a crucial aspect of day-to-day banking operations. Reducing risk and exposure to problem loans and acting proactively when they arise are necessary skills for individuals working in commercial credit. Moody's Problem Loans course is designed to help Canadian credit practitioners advance their careers by broadening their perspective, improving their knowledge to gain specialized expertise. Improve your decision quality, consistency and transparency.

You’ll gain essential analytical skills necessary to make quality decisions for mitigating risk, reducing exposure to protect the bank from bad loans. Plus Moody's Problem Loans teaches adherence to institutional risk policy and determining next steps when default is unavoidable.


Moody's Problem Loans provides a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Spotting early warning signs of deteriorating credit
  • The role of collateral, loan guarantees and covenants
  • When to enlist debt restructuring or foreclosure options
  • How to develop solid action plans in response to worsening conditions
  • Essential client relations and communication skills under stressful situations

Who Should Enrol

This online course is ideal for professionals working in corporate and commercial lending as relationship managers, analysts or underwriters. . You’ll gain expertise that is applicable on a day-to-day basis for credit decisions and loan monitoring activities. This course is also on the path to earning the Certificate in Commercial Credit.