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WME Check


A Better Way to Study

The WME Check is a series of online practice questions intended to help you assess your readiness and increase your confidence when taking the WME exam 1*. Sign up today and you can:

  • Focus your efforts. Test your overall knowledge and discover which course topics may require more study time.
  • Determine your readiness. Sample questions show you how well you performed in all subject areas.
  • Manage time constraints. Practice 2 separate sample exams with the same format to better manage your expectations and prepare you for the real WME exam.

The NEW chapter assessment graph helps pinpoint gaps in your knowledgebase so you can focus your study time on those chapters which require the most attention.


* Although WME Exam 2 is a case-study based exam, you could use the WME Check to refresh your knowledge of the course materials, particularly if you want to brush up on your understanding of important course concepts.