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WME Check


The WME Check is a set of online practice tests designed to assess your readiness to take the actual WME Exam 1 and Exam 2. The practice tests are meant to simulate your exam-day experience as closely as possible. They are timed and structured with approximately the same weightings as the actual exams.

You can use the WME Check to complement your studies as you prepare for the final exams. However, before you use it, we recommend that you complete all the course components, including the readings and review questions, to fully prepare for the practice tests and to close gaps in your learning.

The WME Check is also suitable for students enrolled in one of the Fast Track versions of the WME Fast Track students can use the WME Check to refresh their knowledge of the course materials as they prepare for their exams.

Your focus, first and foremost, should be on reading and understanding the textbook so that you perform as well as possible on the practice tests.