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WME Check


The WME Check consists of two different study tools that allow you to assess your knowledge at different stages throughout the course. Each tool provides direction and guidance to help you focus your efforts and build your confidence. Combined with a thorough reading of the course material and chapter learning objectives, hard work and consistent effort, the WME Check can help you improve your knowledge and ultimately pass your exam.

Chapter Quizzes

Test your knowledge on individual course topics as you move through the WME course material with the help of Chapter Quizzes.You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of your strengths and weaknesses in each subject area so that you can spend your time where you need it most..

Exam Mode

Think you're ready to take the exam? Find out for certain by using the WME Check's Exam Mode. You'll have three hours to complete 120 multiple-choice questions. The Practice Exams include two sample exams, giving you ample opportunity to practice. Test your overall knowledge of the WME subject matter and determine your readiness for the exam with the practice exam feature—you'll learn to manage your time and stress levels and improve your chances for success.

Each Chapter Quiz and Exam Mode delivers:

  • The correct answer
  • The rationale for why this is the correct answer (Including full solutions for questions requiring calculations)
  • References to where the material is covered in the WME textbook