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Previously Offered Courses

Below is an alphabetized listing of previously offered CSI courses. Please click on the link below to view the course details.

Anti Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing for Insurance Professionals (0917)
Advanced Retirement Management Strategies (ARMS)
Advanced Estate Planning* & Trust Strategies (AETS)
Advanced Retirement & Estate Planning Strategies (ARES)
AFP Exam Prep Tool
Bank Financial Risk Management (0015)
Basics of Pension Plans (0477)
Benefit Plans (0452)
Building High Net Worth
Business Finance (0950)
Business Succession for Small Business Clients
Business Succession Planning (0442)
Broker Liability
Canadian Funds Course (CFC)
Canadian Insurance Course (CIC)
Canadian Insurance Course-Fast Track (CICT)
CE Ethics Course, Institutional Version
CE Compliance Program Cycle 5
CE Compliance Program Cycle 6
Charts and Formations
Commodities as Investments (CAI)
Conflicts of Interest
Consequences of Non-Compliance in the Securities Industry 2013
Consumer Behaviour and Financial Needs (0930)
Consumer Credit (0551)
Consumer Credit and Mortgage Advice (CCMA)
Commercial Mortgage Lending (0558)
Communicating to Succeed (0920)
Corporate Governance
CPH for Industry Professionals
Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional (CSWP),
previously known as the Chartered Professional (Ch.P.) Strategic Wealth®
CSI Reference Materials
CSC® Audiobook
CSC® Refresh
CSC® Webcast
CSI Capstone course for CFP Certification

Debit Card Compliance (0919)

Developing a Social Media Plan for Financial Professionals

Energy Markets - Risk Management Course (ERM)
Engineering of a Trust
Equity Monetization
ETFs for Mutual Fund Representatives
ETFs: Opportunities and Risks
Financial Management in Retirement
Financial Markets Risk Management Course (FRM)
Financial Modeling Course (FMC)
Financial Planning Course for Insurance Professionals (FPP)
Financial Products and Services (0945)
Financial Services: An Overview (0591)
Financial Statements for Small Business (0669)
Financial Marketing (0020)
Financial Modelling Course
Fixed-Income Investing
Fraud – Protect Yourself and Your Firm 2010
Global Financial Systems and Markets (0018)
Guidelines for IIROC Advisors Using Social Media
Guidelines for Financial Professionals Using Social Media
Hedge Fund Essentials for Today's Financial Professional
Human Resources Management (0016)
Income Trusts*
Integrative Project ?? FICB (0030)
Introduction to Bank Financial Risk Management (0935)
Introduction to Law: Wills (0456)
Introduction to Social Media for Financial Professionals
Investment Funds: An International Perspective (0270)
Investor Confidence 2010
Knowing the Investor
Know Your Product
Marketing (0915)
Options Strategies Course (OSTC)
Organizational Behaviour (0910)
Planning Strategies for Seniors: The Home Income Plan (0576)*
Pre-Retirement Planning

Privacy: Personal Information Protection Federal (0902)

Privacy: Personal Information Protection Alberta (0912)
Privacy: Personal Information Protection BC (0922)
Professional Financial Planning Course (PFPC®)
Quantitative Analysis
Residential Mortgage and Lending (0552)
Responsible Investment: Trends & Opportunities
Retirement Planning (0465)
Risk Management in the Securities Industry 2010
Small Business Operations and Financial Analysis (SBOF)
Socially Responsible Investing
Technical Analysis Course (TAC)
Trusts as Financial and Estate Planning Tools (0459)
Trust Structures
Understanding Margin: Benefits and Risks
Understanding Private Equity
Strategic Thinking (0029)
Strategic Wealth 360 (SW360)
Using IT to Gain Competitive Advantage (0019)
Working with Aging Clients
Working with Aging Clients - Best Practices and Compliance Guidance