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CIWM Certification Examination

CIWM Certification Examination Details

The CIWM Certification Examination will assess your expertise in developing strategies and relationships with high net worth clients. The examination has three components based on a high net worth client scenario to be completed over the course of 60 days. The level of effort required is estimated at 25-35 hours.

Part 1. Client Discovery

The objective of this part of the examination is to evaluate your ability to gather client information and to uncover any information that was not revealed in the client scenario provided. This part will consist of open-ended questions based on the client scenario that will be answered online over 1.5 hours. This section must be completed in one sitting and be completed prior to Part 2.

Part 2. Creation of Wealth Plan

Based on the information available in the client scenario and additional information provided on completion of Part 1, you will prepare a comprehensive wealth plan addressing the needs and proposing solutions for the client. A wealth plan template will be provided, and the use of financial planning or wealth management software is permitted. The wealth plan must be submitted prior to Part 3.

Part 3. Effective Communication

This part of the examination will assess your ability to effectively communicate the wealth plan and address changing conditions and client concerns. You will be required to provide written responses to open-ended questions online over 2 hours. This section must be completed in one sitting.