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CIWM Certification Examination


Week 1-2: Student receives access to client scenario and completes Part 1: Client Discovery.

Week 3-6: Student receives additional information on case scenario and prepares and submits the Wealth Plan to complete Part 2.

Week 7-8: Students completes Part 3: Effective Communication

Examination Weighting  
Client discovery 20%
Creation of wealth plan 60%*
Effective communication 20%

Passing score: 60%

* You must obtain a minimum of 60% on the Creation of wealth plan component. Overall, you need to obtain a total of 60% to pass the CIWM Certification Examination.

Eligibility to Register for the CIWM Certification Exam

Only those students who have completed the pre-requisite requirements of the CIWM and the learning path (now known as the Dealing with High Net Worth Clients Program) will be eligible to register for the CIWM Certification Exam.

New CIWM Pathway