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Certificate in Retirement Strategy

Become a Retirement Strategy Expert

Ensure current and potential clients know you have the skills to handle their retirement by identifying your expertise with the Certificate in Retirement Strategy.

Differentiate Your Business

As Baby Boomers swell the ranks of the near-retired and retired, your Certificate in Retirement Strategy will allow you to stand out as an expert specifically qualified to address this burgeoning market – and enable you to differentiate from the mass of advisors already fighting for their share of it.

NOTICE – 5 YEAR RULE: The educational path must be completed not more than 5 years prior to being granted the certificate. If an individual has exceeded the 5 year time line, completion of the highest level requirement in the educational path (or equivalent) will be required prior to being granted the certificate.

Fast Track Your Certificate

Already completed a recognized financial planning designation? You're just one course away from your Certificate in Retirement Strategy.

Who Should Enrol

The Certificate in Retirement Strategy is designed for individuals with experience in the financial services advisory professions such as; investment advisors, financial advisors, financial planners and life insurance specialists, working within a securities firm, bank, or a financial planning organization. These individuals aspire to gain a credential to reflect their specialization in retirement strategy advisory services for their clients.

Completion of this Certificate also leads to the following credential:


This certificate will prepare you to:

  • Deal with the special considerations faced by aging clients.
  • Recommend tactics and financial products to convert assets into income to help support a client's desired retirement lifestyle.
  • Identify and recommend strategies to help minimize risks to a client's wealth.
  • Understand the reality of retirement in the present economy, including the implications for women.
  • Recommend strategies to minimize retiree s taxes.
  • Navigate the retirement discovery process.
  • Develop a sophisticated, yet flexible wealth management plan to address life stages and changes.