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Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional (CSWP®)

Please note that the Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional designation is no longer being offered or supported by CSI. Instead, CSI has partnered with the Swiss based Association of International Wealth Management to bring the Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM) designation to North America. Going forward, CSI will be co-granting the CIWM in place of the CSWP. Please click here for more information

CSWPThe number of affluent Canadians has doubled over the past decade and many of these individuals are nearing or have already transitioned into retirement.

Never before has there been such a demand for expert wealth managers. Today's high net worth clients want sound advice from someone who understands their complex and changing needs.

To meet this demand CSI has redesigned its strategic wealth program to meet the changing needs of today's financial services industry. The path to the Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional (formerly the CH.P. Strategic Wealth®) includes new courses and certifications to help you grow your relationships with high net worth clients.

Three program certificates. One designation.

The path to the CSWP® designation also includes three specialized program certificates. Successful completion of the Advanced Retirement Management Strategies (ARMS) leads to a Certificate in Retirement Strategy, completion of Advanced Investment Strategies (AIS) leads to the Certificate in Advanced Investment Advice and completion of Advanced Estate Planning & Trust Strategies (AETS) leads to a Certificate in Estate Planning and Trust Strategy.

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Who Should Enrol

The CSWP® designation program is designed for individuals with experience in the financial services advisory professions such as; investment advisors, financial advisors, financial planners and life insurance specialists, working within a securities firm, bank, or a financial planning organization.

If you are currently enrolled in the former Ch.P. Strategic Wealth study path and would like to get information on transition options into the new enhanced Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional designation program click on the link below.

CSWP® Transition Options Fact Sheet

The study path leading to the Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional designation consists of three courses:

These courses are designed to prepare students to manage the complex requirements of affluent clients. Upon successful completion of the Strategic Wealth 360 students are eligible to apply for the Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional designation and be ready to:

  • Build and manage client relationships that result in a successful partnership.
  • Create and implement an optimal comprehensive life-long wealth management plan.
  • Establish and implement wealth accumulation and management strategies.
  • Collaborate with clients to preserve wealth and optimize the conversion of assets into income.
  • Develop and implement a wealth transfer plan that reflects client wishes.
  • Coordinate and monitor a team of experts to provide a fully integrated, well-rounded wealth management service.
  • Apply business marketing techniques to build a successful practice.

Member Benefits

As you build your business, CSI will be working alongside you and in the background, providing individual resources, peer-to-peer support and widespread market awareness of the CSWP® designation.

  • CSI is actively marketing the CSWP® designation to cultivate public awareness and industry recognition of your training and unique depth of services.
  • CSI makes marketing resources available for promoting your business, educating clients and informing prospects (i.e. Access to CSWP® client brochure - promote yourself, your practice and your credentials).
  • You'll have permission to use the CSWP® designation and logo on your business and marketing materials.
  • Your CSWP® designation entitles you to front-of-the-line customer service at CSI.
  • Registration in exclusive CSWP® designation holder directory.

The following are required to earn your Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional (CSWP®):


* Optional not required to attain the designation.
Certification examination.
Candidates must hold ANY of the following: Financial planning designations (PFP®, CFP®, CLU, FOFP or FMA) or Wealth Management Essentials (WME) course or Professional Financial Planning Course (PFPC) in addition to the path above.

*External Designation Recognitions are subject to CSI's External Designation Recognition policy and fee.

In addition to completing the required courses, you must also have 3 years of relevant work experience prior to taking the Strategic Wealth 360 (SW360) to earn the CSWP® designation.

When enroling in a course, you may take Advanced Investment Strategies (AIS), Advanced Retirement Management Strategies (ARMS) or the Advanced Estate Planning & Trust Strategies course (AETS) in any order. You must, however successfully complete all components before enrolling in the Strategic Wealth 360.

To be eligible to enrol in the Strategic Wealth 360, you must have at least 3 years of experience working directly with, or in support of, the wealth management needs of retail clients.

Once you have successfully completed the Strategic Wealth 360 you may then apply for your CSWP® designation.


The educational path must be completed not more than 5 years prior to application to write the Strategic Wealth 360 Certification Examination. Exemptions can be granted for courses offered by other education providers. If an individual has exceeded the 5 year time line, completion of the Advanced Investment Strategies course or Advanced Estate Planning and Trust Course and examination or Advanced Retirement Management Strategies course and examination (or equivalent) will be required. Individuals must apply for the designation within 5 years of successfully completing the Strategic Wealth 360 Certification Examination. Individuals who do not qualify for the designation within this 5 year period will be required to re-take the Strategic Wealth 360 Certification examination prior to being granted the designation. They will not be required to re-take the educational path.

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*The CFP® designation is not awarded by CSI. It is granted under license by the Financial Planners Standards Council (FP Canada) to those who have met its educational standards, passed the FP Canada Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Examination, satisfied a work experience requirement and agree to abide by FP Canada Code of Ethics.

The Charter of Strategic Wealth Professionals is the core of the CSWP®designation. It outlines the values, beliefs and character of each designation holder, and builds client trust as a public commitment to wisdom, integrity, partnership, and client insight.

View the Charter of Strategic Wealth Professionals