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Fellow of CSI (FCSI®)

How to become an FCSI?

To become a Fellow of CSI, you will be assessed under the following categories of education, experience and ethics.

What are the Education Requirements?

In order to earn your FCSI you must meet the following education requirements:

Or complete the full Dealing with High Net Worth Clients program.

View which courses can be used towards your FCSI by designation

What are the Experience Requirements?

The experience component of FCSI requirements demands that you:

  • Have 7 years of financial services work experience within the past 10 years

What are the Endorsement Requirements?

On your application you must provide contact information for an individual who will endorse your application who is either:

    • A direct supervisor;

What are the Ethics Requirements?

As an FCSI, you are required to uphold the highest ethical standards and set the code of conduct in your field. As part of your initial application and your maintenance requirements, you must sign an Ethical Conduct Statement.


  • Complete the FCSI application form, which includes confirmation of your work experience and your endorsement.


*External Designation Recognitions are subject to CSI s External Designation Recognition policy and fee.