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Previously Granted Credentials

For 40 years, CSI has taken pride in providing relevant, prestigious, real world credentials that allow financial professionals to prosper. As the financial services sector evolves, so too must the credentials available to the industry.

Below is an alphabetical listing of previously granted credentials, many of which have become hallmark designations in the industry over time. These credentials will always be valued as a respected mark of professional achievement and recipients will retain the right to reference their designation title for life.

Associate, Institute of Canadian Bankers (AICB) 1926 to 2010

The AICB is an internationally recognized designation that confirms competence, confidence, and professionalism in the financial services industry. Over 15,000 Canadians have been granted this designation and it still remains active in international markets today. To find out more about Canada's transition rules, please click here.

Canadian Investment Finance (CIF) 1975 to 1992

This program was the precursor to the Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) designation which launched in 1992.

Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional (CSWP)® 2007–2014

The CSWP designation is a specialized wealth management designation in Canada developed to help advisors service high net worth clients. It is the only wealth management designation built specifically to manage the complex financial needs of affluent clients. The CSWP®designation program was designed for individuals with experience in the financial services advisory professions such as; investment advisors, financial advisors, financial planners and life insurance specialists, working within a securities firm, bank, or a financial planning organization. The path to the CSWP® designation included three specialized program certificates: The Certificate in Retirement Strategy, the Certificate in Advanced Investment Advice and the Certificate in Estate Planning and Trust Strategy. Over 550 CSWP designations were granted in Canada.

Derivatives Market Specialist (DMS) 1992 to 2010

With 800 designates to–date, the DMS designation represents a significant accomplishment and indicates a very strong knowledge of how derivatives are used across various careers. To find out more about the transition rules, please click here.

Financial Management Advisor (FMA) 1999 to 2009

Until 2008, the FMA was the precursor to the Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional (CSWP) designation. 5,300 FMA designation holders are recognized as expert professionals who can provide the advanced service and advice to meet the needs of affluent clients.

Professional Banking Program 1984–2013

The PBP was designed for executives and high–potential managers in the financial services industry looking to excel in their careers. The program consisted of 6 courses (each a combination of self–study and intensive classroom sessions) on key management topics such as strategy. leadership, risk management and human resources focused on the unique skills related to managing in the banking industry. Upon completion of an individual Integration Project, PBP graduates were granted the Fellow of ICB (FICB).

Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Studies Diploma 1996 to 2010

The SME Studies Diploma held by 500 advisors provided the preparation of how to properly assess the viability of Canada's powerful knowledge–based business segment.

Specialty, Trust Institute (STI) Diploma 1998 to 2010

Over 1,000 trust professionals earned the STI diploma in one of the 4 following areas: Personal Trust – Estate and Trust Management, Personal Trust – Business Development, Mortgage and Taxation Programs.