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At CSI, the well-being of our valued learners and staff is our highest priority. Learn more about our response to COVID-19 and changes to our exam delivery format.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find a list of CSI courses required for licensing?

CSI offers courses that meet the educational requirements for positions regulated by IIROCMFDA and the Canadian Insurance Councils. Please note that in addition to these educational requirements, these positions often have both employment and work experience criterion. View a list of CSI Licensing Courses.

What methods of payment does CSI accept?

You can pay for your CSI purchases by MasterCard, Visa, American Express.

Am I eligible for academic exemptions?

If you have completed courses with another educational institute you may be eligible for exemptions. You should submit an Exemption Request Form. Your transcript(s) will be evaluated and you will be notified of your eligibility for an academic exemption within 4 weeks. A fee is applicable for the assessment and for the academic exemption(s). Please refer to the form for additional information.

I'm an employee of a bank or financial services organization. Am I entitled to a discount?

Our online enrolment process automatically calculates the proper course fees for your organization.

To receive your discount, please indicate your organization's name in the affiliation section of your Student Profile during your online enrolment. The discount is reflected prior to checkout.

Your organization may have a special enrolment process with CSI. Please check with your employer, HR or Training department if you are enrolling in a course as an employee of a bank or other financial institute.

If you're enrolling using a paper enrolment form, please indicate your organization's name in the area specified.

I work for an IIROC member firm. What do I do to get the discount rate?

If you're enrolling online, to receive your discount, key in your employer's name in the Employment And Academic Affiliations section of the 'Student Profile' enrolment form. Your discount will be reflected on the page where you need to include payment.

If you're enrolling with a paper form, indicate your firm's name in the area specified.

To find out if your firm is entitled to a discount, please email customer_support Include the name of your firm with your inquiry. A member of our customer service team will get back to you within 24 hours.

What is a Bundle and who can purchase a Course Bundle?

Save when you purchase more than one course or study tool together (not applicable to all courses). Anyone can purchase CSI's Course Bundle or Program Voucher. However, certain pre-requisites or requirements may exist prior to enrolling in a course (or challenging an exam) that comprises your selected Program Voucher.

Are shipping and handling charges added to course fees?

Shipping and handling charges are added if you order printed textbooks or any other products (such as calculators) that are must be shipped by courier.

Shipping and handling charges vary according to the area where the items are being shipped and are subject to change.

View a list of CSI Service fees.

Do I have to accept CSI's privacy policy?

CSI recognizes the importance of protecting your personal information. The details that we collect are used to process your requests, and we take precautions to safeguard your information once we have it.

While you can choose not to accept the policy, we can't create your student record. And, without a student record, you can't write an exam or attain accreditation.

Find out more about CSI's Privacy Policy.


Can I extend my course?

If you have not completed your course during the regular enrolment period, you're allowed to purchase a one-time extension per course enrolment.

You must apply for an extension prior to the expiry of your enrolment period. Courses designated as Continuing Education courses do not qualify for extensions.

Please note: Your course extension is reflective of your course enrolment period.
• If you are enrolled in a 1 year course, you qualify for a 1 year course extension.
• If you are enrolled in a 6 month course, you qualify for a 6 month extension.

Can I request a name change?

CSI requires that all students provide a First and Last Name as it appears on their Government Issued Photo Identification. If the information provided does not match the government issued photo identification, students will not be permitted to write an exam and will incur an admin fee for name change.

Acceptable Identification:

A government issued document that indicates both names (i.e. change of name certificate; marriage certificate; driver's license). If it is to update full legal name the driver's license is sufficient.

Note: If only last name change is being requested, you will have to provide a second piece of ID with previous last name in addition to the driver's license.

How long will I have access to my online course?

Access to your online materials will close 2 weeks after successful course completion or course expiry (whichever comes first). CSI recommends that you save a copy of your online materials prior to course completion.

Note: Online access to your course cannot be re-activated after your course has been moved to completion/expiry whichever comes first.

I am enrolled in the CSC® Review Webinars. Can I request a refund?

If you wish to cancel and receive a refund in full, you must submit a request to at least 30 days before the webinar start date. All the registrations for webinars coming within 30 days of webinar start date are non-refundable.

what are the course bundle option refund policies?

Regular CSI policies apply for the course bundle option. If you request a refund within the first 14 days, CSI will retain $175 (and associated taxes) and then refund the remainder of the purchase amount.

I enrolled in a CSI course and ordered the printed version of the textbooks. When will I receive my books?

Your textbooks will be shipped within 5 to 10 business days of enrolling in a course.

You can track the status of your order, online through your Student Profile (My CSI). You will be required to log in with your Student ID, or email address and password.

When your order is shipped, we will send you a message which will provide details of your shipment, including a tracking number.

I have just enrolled in a CSI course. Where can I find information about exams?

To successfully complete your course, you will need to write your exam(s) at one of CSI's approved exam centers. Exam sessions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it's best to book early. Refer to your course details section for more information about exam content and the number of exams you'll need to write to complete your course. Here are links to some of the key questions you may have about exams:

I have registered for the CSC® Review Webinars. What happens if the webinars are cancelled?

Where unforeseen circumstances apply, if a cohort is cancelled, our representatives will offer you the next available dates or provide you with a full refund.

I just enrolled in a CSI course. How can I tell if my enrolment was successful?

Once you complete your enrolment, you will receive a confirmation email containing your Student ID and a link to your course card. You can use your Student ID, or email address and password to log in to If you enrolled in an online course, you will be able to log in once you receive your enrolment confirmation email. When you log in to, you'll be able to:

  1. Access your online course (if applicable)
  2. Book your exams
  3. Check for course updates
  4. Download your transcripts/Notice of Course Completions Documents
  5. Review your course history
  6. Update your personal profile
  7. Check your messages
  8. Download your sales and tax receipts


If you ordered printed textbooks, you will receive them within 5-10 days of your enrolment. Note: International orders take longer to fulfill.

I've forgotten my Student ID and password how do I reset?

Click here to reset your password.

My course expired and I have not completed it. Can I re-enrol?

Yes, you can re-enrol. And, because an enrolment marks the start of a new course, you'll need to re-write any exams that you already completed for that course.

Click here to view our courses and enrol online.

What do extension fees cover?

Extension fees cover:

  • Access to the online version of the course, if applicable
  • An additional 12 months to complete your one year enrolment course
  • An additional 6 months to complete your six month enrolment course

Extension fees DO NOT cover:

  • New textbooks
  • Learning aids that were purchased separately from your course, such as Study Tools.
  • Exam re-write fees
What self-serve options are available to me?

CSI offers a range of self-serve options which will assist both in the support of your learning as well as upon completion of your course. Please log in to your student profile and the following links will help you self-serve:

Where can I find a sales receipt for my recent registration/purchase?

Your sales receipt is available online. Please Log-in to your "MyCSI" and click on the 'View Receipts' tab, to view your order confirmation and information about your sales receipt.

Where can I find information about the number of CE credits a CSI course provides?

If you need information on the number of CE Credits a CSI course provides, please download the CE Chart.

Your Notice of Completion for accredited courses will include the allocated continuing education credits.

The CE Credits section for each course/learning activity also contains this information.

Where can I find my Notice of Course Completion?

Your Notices of Course Completion is available online. Please Log-in to your "MyCSI" and click on the 'Download Notice of Completion' tab.

Will I Receive a T2202 Tax Receipt?

Form T2202 is the Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate.

CSI issues a tuition tax receipt. To claim this credit for the tax year, please refer to instructions on your tuition receipt.

I reside outside of Canada. Am I eligible to use my tax receipt as a credit?

If you have taxable income in Canada, you are eligible to claim this credit.

Why is my tax receipt marked duplicate?

An original copy of your tax receipt is available for printing once. If the tax receipt you printed is marked 'duplicate', this means that either you or CSI, upon your request, have printed previously.

A duplicate copy is acceptable for tax purposes.

What is the T2202 tax form?

The T2202 tax form is known as the Education & Textbook Amounts Certificate. The federal T2202 tax form is used to certify a student's eligibility to claim education fees (the maximum student tax deductions for tuition and education amounts).

In Quebec, the CSI-issued tax receipt should still be used for Revenue Quebec, the provincial filing, and the T2202 should be used for the federal return at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Therefore, there is no change to your Revenue Quebec filing.

What fees does my tuition tax receipt include?

Your tax receipt includes all tuition fees paid to CSI during a specific calendar year.

Your receipt does not include charges for:

  • Shipping and Handling
  • Study aid products
  • Membership or renewal fees
  • Exam "no show" or late cancellation fees
  • Certificate Frames
  • Cancellation and substitution fees
  • Exceptions Assessor Fee
What are eligible tuition fees?

You can claim tuition fees paid to an educational institution in or outside of Canada. If your tuition fees are for an institution within Canada, the institution has to provide a T2202 tax form to you. List of eligible fees.

What are eligible amounts?

You qualify if you are enrolled in a course(s) and the overall amount of applicable fees gets allocated toward your learning, including course and exam fees that total $100 or more.

Is CSI a designated educational institution?

CSI is certified by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada for courses that develop or improve skills in an occupation and as such is a designated educational institution.

Why are the individual courses not listed on the T2202 as they were on the prior form?

The T2202 is designed for designated educational institutions with semester programs. CSI has had to adapt to the T2202 tax form to provide a general program name. Please note: All programs are referred to as: CDN Securities Institute Prog to fit the 30 character limit. Since CSI has continuous enrolment, we have noted the date of your first enrolment and the last month of the year in which you were enrolled. In all cases, the end date will be the last month of the tax year (December). The T2202 cannot indicate any date that is outside of the applicable tax year. If a course ends in the following year, it is still included on the T2202 in the year the course was paid for.

Example 1: If in February of 2019, you were enrolled in a course (duration: 12 months), the from YY-MM would be marked as 19-02 and the to YY-MM would be marked as 19-12

Example 2: If in February of 2019, you were enrolled in a course (duration: 12 months), and subsequently registered for another course (duration: 6 months) in May of 2019, the from YY-MM would be marked as 19-02 and the to YY-MM would be marked as 19-12

Example 3: If in December of 2019, you were enrolled in a course (duration: 12 months), the from YY-MM would be marked as 19-12 and the YY-MM would be marked as 19-12

Do I have to resubmit this form to the CRA or is any further action required on my part? I've already submitted my tax return for 2019

If you have already filed your tax return, we recommend retaining the T2202 for your records. You should also retain it in the event that the CRA requests it. Contact the CRA directly to enquire if you are required to submit this form.

Why is the start and end date on this form not the same as my enrollment/expiry confirmation?

CSI has submitted the T2202 tax form to the CRA for the 2019 calendar year. This includes all eligible courses you have taken from Jan 1, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019, starting with the date of your first enrolment in the year, ending with December 31, 2019.

My fees were paid in 2019, but my course(s) will be completed in 2020. How is this handled?

The CRA requires the T2202 to include all eligible fees that were paid in 2019, regardless of the course duration. Most courses at CSI are 12 months and Continuing Education courses are six months. Any eligible fees paid in 2020 will be included on your 2020 T2202 tax form.

I cannot print my tax receipt. What should I do?

You will need to check the 'I Agree' box before you click on the 'printer icon' to print your tax receipt.

You require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software to print your tax receipt. If you do not have this software, you will need to install it.

From the MyCSI menu, log-in to your student profile, then click on "My Receipts". Locate the Get Adobe Reader icon, just above "Revenue Canada Tax Receipt". You can download and install from there.

How will you ensure my Social Insurance Number (SIN) is secure?

The collection and security of your personal information is very important to CSI. Click here to find information regarding the collection of personal information. 

CSI will never request your SIN number by phone or mail. You will be required to log into your profile and enter your SIN number yourself. CSI will only keep your SIN on file for two years unless you are eligible for a T2202 in the year preceding Year Two (as long as your eligible tuition fees amount to $100 or more in that second year). Under the Privacy Act, CSI cannot knowingly use or communicate your SIN, or allow it to be communicated, other than as required or authorized by law or for the purpose for which it was provided.

I don't want to provide my SIN. Will I still receive a revised tax form?

The CRA will require all designated educational institutions in Canada to file the T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificates forms. To prepare your T2202 form, your SIN is now required. Subsection 237(1) of the Income Tax Act requires that you provide your SIN, upon request, to the preparer of the tax information slip. The Canadian government requires CSI to make every effort possible to capture your SIN. More information on this requirement can be found on the CRA website here. If you do not provide your SIN, your T2202 will appear with nine zeros, but all of your other information, including your name, will remain on the T2202.


Computer-Based Testing – At An Exam Centre and Remote Proctoring

What are the system requirements for a remotely proctored exam?

CSI has partnered with Prometric to offer Remotely Proctored exams. They have the following system requirements:

  • Screen Resolution: 1024 X 768 (for standard multiple-choice exams). For case-based exams, please read this document.
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 & above / MacOS 10.13 & 11.01
  • Web Browser: Current version of Google Chrome
  • WebCam Resolution: 640 X 480p
  • Microphone: Enabled
  • Download Speed: 500 Kbps

Please note that most corporate computers/laptops may have firewalls that do not support remote proctoring. We recommend using your personal computer and performing a system check and review all available tutorials at least a few days before your exam. If you have any issues during the system check, you can speak with Prometric's technical advisor to resolve the problem ahead of time to be well prepared on the exam day.

Taking an exam on a tablet or mobile device or using a dual monitor is not allowed.

Will there be a lesson on how to use the computer-based exam at the beginning of the exam?

Yes, Prometric will provide a brief tutorial on navigating through your computer-based exam before you begin. We recommend you explore this demo tutorial before your exam day to familiarize yourself with the exam style. You can also watch this video to learn more about what to expect at the exam centre.

Will I be given scrap paper at the exam sitting?

At a test centre, you will be provided with scrap paper.

For a remotely proctored exam, you can either use the electronic notepad on the exam platform or bring an erasable whiteboard no larger than 9in x 12in / 23cm x 30cm in size, two dry-erase markers and a dry-erase eraser. You will be asked to show your blank whiteboard during the check-in process and also at the end of the exam session.

Can I use a whiteboard or scrap paper for calculations during my exam?

If you are taking your exam at a test centre, you will be provided with scrap paper for calculations.

For a remotely proctored exam, you may have an erasable whiteboard no larger than 9in x 12in / 23cm x 30cm in size, two dry-erase markers and a dry-erase eraser. You will be asked to show your blank whiteboard during the check in process and also at the end of the exam session.

Can I use a calculator?

Yes, you can use a calculator for the exam provided that it is non-programmable and non-printing. Please note that you will also be able to use computer calculator which has basic functions.

Do the questions appear all in one page and are viewed by scrolling, or do they appear on the screen one at a time?

The questions appear on the screen one at a time. In a few instances, scrolling may be required to view the contents of a long individual question or case scenario information.

Are the questions all of the same type?

Most course exams are in multiple-choice format. However, some questions are stand-alone while others relate to a case scenario. In case scenario questions, you will be requested to answer more than one question based on the information presented in the scenario.

The AFP Exam 2 is a case-based, constructed response where you will be required to type in your answers.

What happens if I forget the information given in the case scenario?

The case scenario information will be repeated for each question of a case, so it will always be there for you to see.

How do I use the "flag" feature?

If you are unsure about the answer to a question, you can flag it so that you can easily return to it later. The flagged questions may be viewed later through the status map for the exam.

If I change my mind can I go back and change my answer?

You can change the answer you select at any time and as many times as you want. However, once you have attempted to answer a question you cannot leave it blank.

How do I time my exam?

There is a timer in the exam that will indicate the amount of time remaining. The timer starts with the first question of your exam.

How long will it take to get my official results?

Your official results will be available within 24 hours for multiple-choice exams, up to 30 business days for AFP Exam 2, including a detailed feedback form.

What happens if there is an interruption during my exam sitting as a result of a power failure or computer malfunction?

CSI staff will make every effort to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

If the exam is interrupted temporarily, will I have to start at the beginning again?

The computer-based exam interface allows you to save your answers as soon as they are entered. It is strongly recommended that you hit save after answering each question so that all entries made prior to the interruption will be recorded. When you resume your exam, you will be able to continue from the point at which you left off. Familiarize yourself with Prometric's computer-based exams prior to arriving to the exam centre. You may not have an opportunity to do so once you enter the exam centre.

During the interruption to the exam, you must remain seated quietly at your workstation. No talking or studying will be allowed.

What happens if the interruption lasts for more than 30 minutes or it is clear that no immediate reconnection is possible?

In this case, the exam sitting will be cancelled. All students will need to book another time to write the exam. There will be no charge for rebooking and CSI will try to accommodate requests as quickly as possible.

If I have to rebook my exam sitting as a result of an interruption, will I be given the same exam?

No, you will not be given the same exam. When you rebook your exam, you will be given another version of the exam to write.

What happens if the exam is disrupted by a fire alarm or other problem requiring a halt to the exam?

If it is not necessary to evacuate the room but the exam must be halted temporarily (less than 30 minutes), the invigilator will keep track of the time missed and add this time on to the end of the exam. You will not be penalized for any disruption to your exam. Should you feel that the disruption is too severe, after a minimum of 10 minutes has elapsed, you will be given the option of rebooking your exam sitting at no charge. This decision must be made and communicated to the invigilator before the sitting resumes.

During the interruption to the exam, you must remain seated quietly at your workstation. No talking or studying will be allowed.

If it is necessary for the exam room to be evacuated, the sitting will be cancelled and all students will have to rebook their exams. There will be no charge for the rebooking and CSI will make every effort to accommodate all requests as quickly as possible.

Where can I take my remotely proctored exam?

Your remote testing environment must meet the following requirements:

  • Testing location must be indoors (walled), well lit, free from background noise and disruptions.
  • No third party may be present in the room or enter the room for the duration of the exam. If this occurs, your exam will be terminated and/or your results invalidated.
  • Your workstation and surrounding area must be free of pens, paper, electronic devices, etc. No content that could potentially provide an unfair advantage during your exam, including that posted on walls or within your immediate area, should be present during your exam session.
  • Two tissues are permitted at workstation, but must be inspected by the Proctor prior to start of exam.
How do I make sure my internet connection doesn't get disrupted during my remotely proctored exam?

Internet is a great way to connect, but like any wireless connection, there can be fluctuations in speed and reliability of a network. Taking a lengthier exam opens up more possibilities for these disruptions to occur. To help ensure you are able to sit a stable connection for an online exam here are some things you could consider:

  • Have a stable connection
  • Identify the place in their house where WiFi is strongest and test there
  • Ensure other family members are not using up the internet bandwidth with Netflix/video streaming, online gaming, social media, etc.
What happens if I am late for the exam sitting?

In-Person exams:

You must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your examination. This will ensure you have sufficient time to go through the check in process. If you arrive late for your exam you will not be permitted entry and will be required to pay a No Show fee before being able to reschedule.

Remote Proctoring:

You must be seated and logged in 15 minutes prior to the start of your examination. Late entry may result in rescheduling your examination. You will then be required to pay a No Show fee before being able to reschedule.

What security processes do I have to go through before starting my remotely proctored exam?

In order to start an exam, test takers are required to:

  • Provide an original, valid (unexpired), government issued photo & signature bearing identification.
  • Show your workstation and surrounding area.
  • Raise your pants legs above your ankles, empty and turn all pockets inside-out and raise shirt sleeves above your wrists prior to every entry into the online test. If you are wearing eyeglasses you will be required to remove them for visual inspection to ensure they don't contain a recording device. 
  • Remove large jewelry items from your person prior to and throughout the duration of the exam.
  • Pull your hair back to ensure nothing is attached to your ear that could provide an unfair advantage - i.e. a Bluetooth earpiece.
What is the exam-day experience like?

In-person exams:

We have partnered with Prometric to conduct our computer-based exams. They strive to ensure that all test takers who visit our test centres have a safe, secure, and stress-free experience. This video will provide you with a detailed overview of what to expect during your upcoming visit to a Prometric test centre, so that you will feel more prepared and more confident in your testing experience.

Remote Proctoring:

We have partnered with Prometric to conduct our remotely proctored exams. Watch their "What to Expect" video for step-by-step information on what to expect during your remotely proctored testing appointment.

What is allowed / not allowed in my area?

In-person exams:

View Prometric's test centre regulations.

Remote Proctoring:

  • Unauthorized personal items may not be accessible while testing. Such items include, but are not limited to: outerwear, hats, food, drinks, purses, bags or briefcases, notebooks, watches, cell phones, electronic devices, or wearable technology.
  • Eating, drinking, smoking, and chewing gum are prohibited during the exam.
  • Written notes, published materials and other testing aids are strictly prohibited.
  • Light clothing items removed for comfort such as sweaters, suit jackets, scarves, etc., must be hung on the examinee's chair, not placed in laps or on the workstation desktop. Outerwear such as heavy coats, parkas, rain coats, etc., is not permitted in the immediate testing area.
  • Changing location while testing, turning off lighting or audio, speaking to or receiving aid from other individuals is strictly prohibited.
Can I take a break during the exam?

Leaving the camera view while the exam is in progress is strictly prohibited.

Can I test on a tablet?

No. At this time, only laptops and desktop computers are supported for remotely proctored exams. Dual-monitor configurations are also not allowed.

Book / Reschedule / Cancel An Exam

What should I do before booking my exam?

Please keep in mind that CSI courses are updated on a regular basis. If your course is updated during your course enrolment period, your final exam may also change to reflect the updated content. If your course has been updated, you will see a "Course Update" notification in "My CSI". The notification includes details on when your exam will change to reflect new content and instructions on how to access the new information needed to prepare for the new exam.

Please ensure your student profile name matches your valid government-issued picture identification prior to scheduling your remotely proctored or in-person exam.

Before booking your final exam please log into "My CSI" to see if your course has been updated.

When am I eligible to book an exam?

Once you enrol in a course you are eligible to book. Please choose a time and location that works best for you within your active enrollment period.

What is the availability of exam sittings?

All examination bookings are subject to availability. Exam sittings are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Are there fees for attempting the exam?

There is no charge for your first attempt at an exam. If you need to rewrite a second or third attempt at the exam a fee of $300 is applicable.

I scheduled an exam and can't remember the date. What should I do?

Examination booking confirmations are sent by email and to your My CSI. To access click on the "My Messages" tab. Your confirmation will include the exam date, location and any applicable instructions.

Please read your confirmation letter carefully as locations can change from session to session.

Can I reschedule or cancel my exam booking?


To reschedule your exam, you must first cancel your current booking (if a rewrite fee was paid it will be refunded to you). You must cancel this exam with more than 9 calendar days to avoid late cancelation fees. If your exam is a rewrite you will be prompt for this payment at the time of rescheduling your exam.

Late Cancelations

If you provide 9 or more calendar days to cancel your exam you will not incur the late cancelation fee. If you provide less than 9 but more than 3 calendar days, you will be subject to the late cancelation fees.

No Shows

If you provide 3 or less calendar days to cancel your exam or if you do not appear for your exam you will be charged a no show fee.

Do I receive confirmation of my exam booking?

Examination booking confirmations are sent by email and to your My CSI. Your confirmation will include the exam date, location and any applicable instructions. Examination cancellation and rebooking confirmations are also sent to the My CSI.

Please read your confirmation letter carefully as locations can change from session to session.

Can I be accommodated if I have a special need?

If you have a documented disability or medical condition which impedes your ability to write an exam, special arrangements can be made for you. Please click here for more details.

You must provide a minimum of 8 weeks' notice if you'd like us to make special accommodations at your exam writing.

Where are the exam locations in Canada?
Cities Address Hours of Operation
Edmonton Prometric Test Center
8944 182nd St NW; Suite 316
T5T 2E3
Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm
Calgary Prometric Test Center
8989 MacLeod Trail SW, Suite 301 T2H 0M2
Monday-Saturday 7:30am-4:30pm
Vancouver Ashton College
1190 Melville Street, Suite 400
V6E 3W1
Monday-Saturday 8:30am-5:30pm
Winnipeg Prometric Test Center
40-1128 Henderson Highway
R2G 3Z7
Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm
St. John's Memorial University
1 Arctic Ave Univ. Center - 4th Floor, UC4000
A1B 5S7
Tues, Thur, Sat 9am-5pm
Halifax DLC Training
73 Tacoma drive, Suite 201
B2W 3Y6
Tuesday-Saturday 8am-5pm
Toronto Trios College
425 Bloor St. East, Suite 202
M4W 3R4
Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm
Toronto Cestar College
265 Yorkland Blvd, Unit 302
M2J 1S5
Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm
Toronto (CSI Office) 200 Wellington Street West, 15e étage, Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3C7
Monday-Friday 9am-10pm
Available from January 4, 2021.
London Trios College
520 First Street, Unit 1
N5V 3C6
Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm
Hamilton Trios College
4 Hughson Street South, 5th Floor
L8N 3Z1
Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm
Mississauga Prometric Test Center
1290 Central Parkway West, Suite 104
L5C 4R3
Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm
Ottawa Prometric Test Center
450 March Road, Suite 101
K2K 3K2
Tuesday-Saturday 8am-5pm
Montreal (CSI Office) 625, boul. René-Lévesque Ouest, 4e étage, Montréal (Québec) H3B 1R2 Monday-Friday 9am-10pm
Available from January 5, 2021.
Regina Prometric Test Center
3520 Fifth Avenue
S4T 0M2
Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 7:30am-4:30pm
Quebec City Prometric Test Center
1035, Avenue Wilfrid-Pelletier,Suite 150 (Building B)
S7T 0J1
Mon, Fri, Sat 8am-5pm
Saskatoon Sylvan Learning Centre
502 Wellman Cres, Suite 140
S7T 0J1
Tuesday-Saturday 8am-5pm

Exam Day

How early do I need to arrive at the exam centre?

It is important that you are seated at least 15 minutes before the start time of your exam. No additional time will be provided to students who arrive late for their exam. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes after the exam has started will be required to reschedule. They will be charged a rescheduling fee.

What can you bring to the exam?

Please bring the following items to your in-person exam:

  • Valid government photo ID with signature, i.e., passport, driver's license (a photo or electronic copy of your valid ID is not acceptable)
  • A medical mask or cloth face covering.
  • Non-programable calculator (iPhones and/or other similar devices are not acceptable calculators)
  • You are not permitted to have food or beverages during your exam (including water).


Please have the following items for your remotely proctored exam:

  • Valid government photo ID with signature, i.e., passport, driver's license (a photo or electronic copy of your valid ID is not acceptable)
  • Non-programable calculator (iPhones and/or other similar devices are not acceptable calculators).
  • An erasable whiteboard no larger than 9in x 12in / 23cm x 30cm in size, two dry-erase markers and a dry-erase eraser. (optional)
  • You are not permitted to have food or beverages during your exam (including water).

To ensure the integrity of the examination process, washroom breaks will not be permitted once an examination has begun unless special permission has been granted by CSI.

Students seeking an exception must:

  • Notify CSI at least 6 weeks before your scheduled exam date
  • Provide a document signed by a registered medical professional confirming the special circumstances warranting the exception.

Students granted permission to take washroom breaks once the exam has begun will not be granted  additional time to complete the examination.

What identification do you need to write your exam?

To confirm your identity, a CSI exam candidate must have a valid, signed, government-issued photo ID such as a driver's license or passport. (a photo or electronic copy of your valid ID is not acceptable)

Please check the expiry date on your ID to ensure it is valid.

If you do not have valid ID, you will not be permitted to write your exam. You will have to contact CSI to make alternate arrangements for your exam. A No Show fee will apply.

What type of calculator should I have for my exam?

Most financial calculators are acceptable as long as the calculator is non-programmable and does not print. Popular brands that students bring to exams include Sharp, Texas Instruments (TI) and Hewlett Packard (HP) calculators.

In general, any calculator with graphing capability (large screen) and/or a printer is not allowed at CSI exams. Note: If you are unsure whether or not your calculator is acceptable, we suggest that you also bring a basic calculator.

All exams are in closed book format? Are exam questions confidential?

You will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement concerning exam question confidentiality. You may only view exam content during the exam session. No exceptions to this policy will be made. Because exam questions are confidential, we cannot discuss the details of particular exam questions.

Who supervises the examinations?

CSI and Prometric trained proctors supervise all examinations. Proctors are governed by CSI policies.

If an incident occurs during an exam such as suspected cheating, loud noise, or a facilities complaint, proctors must file an incident report. All reports are reviewed by the exam coordinator and are investigated. Appropriate follow-up action will be taken.

What happens if there is a temporary exam interruption?

If a false fire alarm, medical emergency, or noise problem occur, the proctor will decide if the exam must be halted. If the exam must be halted temporarily, the proctor will keep track of the time missed. The proctor will then add this time to the end of the time allocated to allow for completion of the exam.

During an interruption to the exam, you are required to remain at your workstation. You will not be allowed to study or talk. After a minimum of 10 minutes has elapsed, you may feel that the disruption is too severe and may want to re-book an exam sitting at a future date. You will not be charged for rebooking. You will, however, need to make your decision known to the proctor before the exam restarts. If you choose to arrange another sitting you will be given a different version of the exam.

What happens if my exam room is evacuated?

Your exam will be cancelled if you have to be evacuated from the exam room. You will be able to rebook your exam at another time at no charge to you. CSI will accommodate your request as quickly as possible. You will also be given a different version of the exam at your next sitting.

What causes a suspension?

Cheating or attempting to cheat during an exam is serious breach of the Student Code of Conduct.

Cheating on an exam includes copying or allowing another student to copy exam answers, receiving help or helping another student during an exam, impersonating another student, or use or possession of any materials (including electronic devices) other than those permitted.

If you are caught cheating during an exam, a report will be filed and reviewed by CSI's Students Ethics Committee. The Committee can impose penalties ranging from giving a grade of zero to a suspension and advising of employers and regulators.

What if I have a question about a specific exam question?

If you are concerned about a specific exam question (i.e., error, missing information), you will have the opportunity during the exam session to leave your comments as feedback directly on each question. Pay special attention to the tutorial at the beginning of your exam for instructions.

Comments are optional. The examination timer will continue to run while comments are being entered.

Candidate comments added to a specific exam item are reviewed in aggregate with performance metrics and individual comments will not be responded to directly.

Exam Results

I wrote my exam close to my course expiry date. Will my profile be updated to show my exam results?

Exam results are available within 24 hours for multiple choice exams; 30 business days for all other exams. If you wrote your exam close to your expiry date, this may result in your course status showing as 'expired' while your exam is being marked. In such a case, your student profile will be updated to show your exam results when released.

If a course extension is required, you need to submit the form, as soon as your exam results are available
When will I receive my exam results and where can I access them?

You can access your results by logging in using your e-mail address or student ID and password. Go to, input your Student ID and PIN number, select Exam Results, then select your course.

Please note that exam results can take up to 24 hours for multiple choice exams, and 30 business days for other exams (e.g. AFP Exam 2).

Where can I access transcript and student performance record?

You can access your transcript by logging in with your e-mail address or student ID and password and selecting "download transcripts" from the left menu. There is no charge for an online transcript. The option to send a transcript to an employer, potential employer, regulator or third party by email is also available. (An email will be sent by CSI).

A formal transcript printed on CSI letterhead can also be requested.

There is an administrative fee of $35 plus applicable taxes for this service.

Can I have my examination re-marked?

All CSI students who have attempted a proctored exam are eligible to request an exam remark. The request for a remark must be received by CSI within four weeks of the grade being posted on the CSI Student Profile.

Please read the information below before submitting your request for remark.

Multiple-Choice Exams

All multiple choice exams are scored by the computer. There are protocols in place to identify any technical glitches or errors that may occur and therefore CSI is confident that the posted mark is correct. However if you would still like to request an exam re-marked fees will apply. You will need to fill out this form.

Written Exams

Examinations submitted for re-marking will be marked using the same criteria used during the original marking. Examinations undergo a thorough process where one marker (in some cases, two markers) independently marks each examination; as a result, each examination result has been carefully determined and therefore a re-mark is unlikely to produce a different mark. However, if you still like to request an exam re-marked, fees will apply. You will need to fill out this form.

Can I review my exam with a CSI staff member?

For most exams, candidates receive a Student Performance Record which gives exam writers feedback on their performance on an exam.

Candidates may not review exams after they have submitted their final responses during the exam.

CSI will not review exams or discuss solutions to individual exam questions at any point in the study or examination process.


Are there any specific technical requirments that I should be aware of?

CSI's online courses are designed so that you only require basic computer skills, specifically familiarity with e-mail and web browsing .

To get the maximum benefit from your online course, please take the time to review the following information on:

Browser requirements for CSI Online courses Besides Internet access and a web browser such as Internet Explorer, you may also need a "plug-in" to access parts of your course.

If you still require help, please contact us at

Are CSI courses accessible through a mobile device?

Many of CSI Courses have textbooks readings available in eBook.

Why can't I see the full red menu bar on the CSI website?

If your screen resolution is 1024 x 768 or less, you will see the mobile version of the website. Instead of a menu bar across the top of the page, you will see a menu icon at the top right corner of the page which consists of three (3) horizontal lines. The mobile version's menu icon contains the same content as the menu bar of the full desktop site.


Where can I find information about the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization Of Canada (IIROC)?

Please visit the IIROC website at

Where can I get information about IIROC licensing?

Information about the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), registration for dealing in stocks, bonds, derivatives and other investment products is available on the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) website.

View more information about our courses and designations.

Where can I get information about mutual fund licensing?

Information about mutual fund licensing and registration is available on the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (MFDA) website

Click here to view information about our courses and designations.

Are my designation membership fees eligible for a tax deduction?

Membership fees are not creditable as tuition and therefore are not included on the CSI tuition tax receipt. It is up to the designee to determine if they are eligible to claim the membership deduction. If claiming a tax deduction, CSI designees may use their sales receipt provided in their online profile at the time of membership renewal.