As a Fellow of CSI (FCSI®), you're part of an exclusive group of financial professionals. The exclusivity comes from extremely hard work and dedication - not only to your career, but to the betterment of the industry. Through the FCSI® Mentor Bank, you can help influence the next generation of financial services leaders.

How the FCSI® Mentor Bank Works

The main goal of the FCSI® Mentor Bank program is to help incoming FCSI®s complete the endorsement requirement to earn their Fellow. (As you can attest to, finding a practicing FCSI® to endorse you isn't always an easy feat because there aren't many of you!)

  • As a mentor, you'll be matched up with a mentee in your area
  • You'll develop a working relationship with the mentee and eventually write an endorsement letter for their FCSI® application (if they choose to become apply for the FCSI)

How much time you spend with your mentee is up to you. But we encourage you to forge strong relationships with these future leaders - to mentor and guide them as they build their career and achieve higher levels of success.

Why You Should Become a Mentor

A mentorship relationship has benefits for both parties. When you become an FCSI® mentor, you'll:

  • Be able to complete your annual industry contribution requirements
  • Gain increased respect and recognition from your industry peers as a professional who can identify and groom future leaders
  • Gain satisfaction from helping uphold the prestige of the FCSI® letters by grooming the next generation
  • Develop and expand your own professional network


Become an FCSI® Mentor Today! Email Francesca Galano-Ellis