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The Fellow of CSI (FCSI) is the leading financial services industry credential. FCSIs have earned top designations in their respective fields, have significant industry experience, possess a broad knowledge base and contribute to ongoing industry improvements—
a winning combination for the finest in financial services.
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The truly successful stand out from the crowd—and that means building on their credentials. FCSIs go above and beyond the average call of duty to gain more knowledge, more experience and more merit—making them leaders and mentors in financial services. LEARN MORE


Representing the utmost integrity and professionalism, the Fellow of CSI (FCSI) brings a rare combination of industry expertise, advanced education and unparalleled ethical standards to financial services. The result: dedicated leaders you can trust.

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Financial Professionals

The Fellow of CSI (FCSI) is the pinnacle credential and highest honour in Canadian financial services. Its stringent experience, education and ethics requirements make it one of the most challenging credentials to obtain and maintain—making FCSIs the most valuable leaders in the industry.

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