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Honourary FCSI® Program Eligibility Requirements

Honourary FCSI Nomination Process

Any financial services professional who is an active FCSI may nominate a person who meets the eligibility requirements for an Honourary FCSI. The FCSI Advisory Council will review candidates who are nominated and may select up to 2 people each year to receive an Honourary FCSI.

Eligibility Requirements for Honourary FCSI Candidates

To be eligible, candidates must meet and maintain all of the following criteria:

  1. Minimum of 10 years of financial services industry experience. An exception may be made, on a case-by-case basis, if the selection committee (a sub-committee of the FCSI Advisory Council) finds that the candidate has made a significant contribution to the financial services industry.
  2. Demonstrated commitment to promoting investor education (e.g., through published articles, journals, periodicals, etc.; as a guest speaker on radio or television or at other public speaking engagements).
  3. Adherence to the FCSI Code of Ethics.
  4. A citizen of good standing, as evidenced by extracurricular or community involvement.

Nomination Process

  1. Each year, active FCSIs will be invited to nominate someone who meets the eligibility requirements for the Honourary FCSI.
  2. Nominations are to be written and must include:
    • A letter that clearly explains the reasons for nomination and why the candidate deserves an Honourary FCSI.
    • A curriculum vitae of the nominated person.

The selection committee may request a letter from the candidate’s employer on a case-by-case basis.

Selection Process

  1. All nominations are referred to the selection committee.
  2. A list of candidates will be brought forward by the selection committee to the FCSI Advisory Council for approval. Two-thirds of FCSI Advisory Council members must approve the nomination.
  3. CSI must also approve the nomination.

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