Introducing the newest Designation AD Campaign: "Greater Knowledge = Greater Results"

December 15, 2015

It’s that time of year again when we launch a national marketing campaign to promote your designations across Canada. This multi-channel, integrated campaign includes national print and online advertising, public relations and social media promotion. Our goal is to continue to build awareness, and emphasize the value of your designation to the industry, employers, and the investing public. 

This year’s campaign theme, “Greater Knowledge=Greater Results” features engaging and insightful career and educational advice from industry professionals across Canada. The campaign is running from September 2015 to the end of February 2016. 
For a full list of promotional activities, click here. Last year’s campaign received so much positive feedback that we decided to follow the same trend and promote your designations through ambassadors once again.

Check out some of the most recent ads in the campaign.

PFP Wall Mural - SunLife Building, Toronto

FCSI Digital Wall Mural - RBC Plaza, Toronto

Below are some of the online digital ads that are currently being promoted.

Advisor Survey - The Future of Financial Advice

What Advisor's think about the Future of the Financial Services Industry in Canada 
Earlier this year, CSI also ran a survey, asking about the future of financial advice, receiving 300 responses from industry professionals. These survey results are being published along with the hashtag #AdviceForAdvisors on Twitter and Facebook until the end of February 2016. Follow @CSIGlobalEd on Twitter and like Canadian Securities Institute on Facebook to see the survey results and add your comments.