At CSI, the well-being of our valued learners and employees is our highest priority. Given the seriousness of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) many of our advisors are addressing their clients needs during this difficult time. In light of the situation we have decided to postpone upcoming webinars until further notice. Click here to read more about the precautionary actions we are taking.

Financial Health for Seniors

Within the finance community, it's well-known that the issues facing seniors are critical. In addition to being a sizeable demographic with unique requirements, seniors are among the most vulnerable of investors. As an organization that offers licensing courses and advanced designations, CSI would like to contribute in a meaningful way to alleviating the challenges seniors face.

We believe that supporting our designation holders to serve senior clients and their families even better is a role we can play. Based on a survey of our designation holders, we identified topics, types of resources and activities that would help them better serve their senior clients. CSI hopes that this initiative will contribute toward enhancing the advice provided to seniors in the coming years.

Advisory Council

To best shape our approach and program, we created an Advisory Council. We received an overwhelming response with many designation holders offering to engage with us on this initiative. The Advisory Council comprises a mix of designation holders, spanning firms, roles and geographic locations that represent the community. These members will guide our approach in helping all of our designation holders to best serve clients.

Content Committee

In order to support the development of good content, we have created a Content Committee to select and review relevant materials.


CSI will be drawing upon the community to deliver webinars. Here are the speakers we have organized to conduct the initial presentations:

About the Survey and Results

In November 2018, CSI conducted the "Financial Health for Seniors" survey, asking designation holders to confirm the issues they were encountering in serving the seniors market and to identify ways that CSI could help better support advisors, seniors and their families. More than 500 designation holders responded to the survey and the results were published in April 2019. The Financial Health for Seniors report outlines key areas we want to focus on and the types of resources available.

Upcoming Webinars

Registration for webinars closes at 11:59 pm one day prior to the date of the webinar.

Preparing an Estate for Simplicity using Life Insurance

John Niekraszewicz | TBD

Duration: 60 minutes
Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm EST

Life Insurance is vital to solving problems related to estate planning. This session will illustrate real-life situations financial advisors face when using life insurance as a simple estate planning tool. Among the highlights: reviewing funding estate taxes and estate equalization early in a client relationship, which can be invaluable.

Long Term Caring: Aging Issues for Today and Tomorrow

Audrey Miller | TBD

Duration: 60 minutes
Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm EST

This session will help advisors understand the client experience, while providing insights to attendees who are dealing with their own elder care concerns. Advisors will learn to better serve their clients by understanding the home and community care landscape, and their processes and costs to access services. Planning is a key message.

Estate Planning Conversations

Dave Lee | TBD

Duration: 60 minutes
Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm EST

This session is designed to help financial advisors hold productive estate planning conversations and understand when to involve other professionals. Advisors will learn which questions will help clients open up about key issues, such as choosing an executor, dealing with blended families and caring for financially vulnerable children.

Past Webinars

The changing face of retirement advice

Barry Lavalley | Dec. 12, 2019

Duration: 60 minutes
Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm EST

The picture of retirement has changed from a generation ago. Today, increasing numbers of clients are embracing the concept of “the modern elder”. This session discusses how that affects later life planning - and how the advisor can become a catalyst, educator and coach for clients entering this new phase of life.

Starting the Conversation

Neela White | Jan. 14, 2020

Duration: 60 minutes
Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm EST

This session provides perspective on the challenges that encompass aging and will offer solutions for preparedness. There is a critical need to give thought to realistic life plans surrounding aging, having meaningful conversations, and helping to facilitate better outcomes for this important time in everyone's lives.

Understanding the Complexities of Elder Abuse

Raeann Rideout | Jan. 28, 2020

Duration: 60 minutes
Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm EST

Finance professionals who engage with senior clients play a critical role in recognizing the warning signs of abuse and can offer support to seniors at-risk or experiencing abuse. Advisors will learn the complexities of elder abuse by reviewing case studies to better understand key issues that may become apparent in their daily practice.

Preventing Financial Abuse of Older Adults

Raeann Rideout | Feb. 11, 2020

Duration: 60 minutes
Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm EST

This session will provide advisors with an overview of financial abuse specific to older adults, and demonstrate, through the use of case studies, the legal options and approaches to empowering older adults and preventing victimization.

Presentation and Handouts

What Does Your Future Look Like?

The Lifestyle and Financial Implications of Aging and Long-Term Care