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Stand out as a trusted advisor
in wealth management

With baby boomer clients approaching retirement financial experts are expected to deliver wealth management strategies that will protect, invest and distribute their assets. As an MTI® designation holder you explore with clients all of the risks, opportunities and regulatory procedures that should be addressed.

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Expert estate and trust planning
gives clients the advantage

Whether you need a financial expert to develop an estate plan, or if you're seeking an estate or inter vivos trustee to manage or safeguard assets, you need to be assured that you are achieving the most effective strategies to manage your estate and trust assets. Explore your best options and connect with an MTI® estate and trust expert.

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Become an MTI® Certified
Estate and Trust Expert

Apply online and begin the path to earn the elite MTI® designation awarded by the Canadian Securities Institute - Canada's most experienced and trusted financial services educator.

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The expertise required to manage trusts, estates and any related tax issues cannot be underestimated. Families and individuals who want to ensure their estate and trust assets are being effectively protected, invested and distributed must rely on an expert who meets, if not surpasses, industry standards. To choose a professional with credentials you can trust, look for the MTI® designation.

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Trust Professionals

As an MTI® designation holder you will be prepared to meet the trust and estate needs of demanding high net worth clients. These clients need an expert who can not only undertake to ensure their interests are effectively protected, invested and distributed, but that they are also in compliance with estate laws, tax considerations and abide by a rigorous ethical code. Earning and displaying your trustworthiness can lead towards thriving business in wealth management.

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