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The PFP® Ethics Committee was established to ensure any complaints against a PFP® designation holder are heard promptly and fairly. The Committee considers any alleged violation of the PFP® Code of Ethics  and determines whether or not there has been a breach.

  • A CSI Case Co-ordinator (normally a CSI employee) provides each member of the Committee with a copy of the case file
  • At the Committee meeting, the CSI Case Co-ordinator presents the case and answers any questions
  • If the Committee determines that the case qualifies as a breach, the Committee determines the appropriate penalty
  • A minimum of 4 members of the Designation Ethics Committee must be present to adjudicate a complaint

Composition of the Ethics Committee

The PFP® Advisory Council appoints members of the Ethics Committee including the Chairperson. The Committee comprises 3 - 5 members selected from a CSI Advisory Council.

No member who participates in the investigation of the allegation against the PFP® may sit on the Ethics Committee. No person may sit on both the Ethics Committee and the Designation Appeals Committee.

Composition of the Designation Appeals Committee

The Designation Appeals Committee comprises 3 members of the Advisory Council who do not sit on the Ethics Committee. Its members are appointed by the Chairperson of the PFP® Advisory Council.

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Ethics Compliance Report


  • 0 allegations placed against PFP®s


  • 0 allegations placed against PFP®s


  • 0 allegations placed against PFP®s


  • 0 allegations placed against PFP®s


  • 0 suspensions due to breach of PFP® Code of Ethics
  • 1 warning letter issued to a PFP® designation holder


  • 0 allegations placed against PFP®s


  • 0 allegations placed against PFP®s
  • 0 Suspensions due to a breach of the Code of Ethics
  • 1 Requirement to complete a supplementary educational module prior to recertification