We've found that one of the most effective ways to promote the PFP® letters is to feature the unique individuals who hold them. Our last few campaigns have featured real designation holders, selected through an application process to become PFP® Ambassadors.

If you hold the PFP® designation and are interested in participating in a future campaign, email us and tell us why!


In order to help us to continue to develop, deliver and maintain the Personal Financial Planner (PFP®) Designation to the high standard expected by the financial services industry, CSI contracts with practicing designation holders for compensation to participate in the development of the AFP Examination in the opportunities described below. If you're interested in this great opportunity to contribute to the growth of your designation please let us know.

AFP Examination Review Committees

An Examination Review Committee is formed for each of AFP Exam 1 and AFP Exam 2. Members of each committee review and approve examination items, approve the final examination form and, with assistance from testing consultants, determine the pass mark for each examination.

Members of the Examination Review Committees are active participants in the creation of the examination. The development cycle for each examination includes the review of content and submission of feedback related to that content, participation in web meetings/conference calls to review and discuss the examination feedback and attendance in at least one in-person meeting to approve the final examination. Each development cycle is approximately four to six months in length and committee members participate for a two-year term that can be renewed. Committee members will receive an honorarium and continuing education credits for each development cycle.

This is an excellent opportunity for professionals with an interest in examination standards and expert knowledge in one or more areas of financial planning, to improve and expand their own knowledge and skills through collaboration with other professionals.

Examination Item Writing and Review

With an extensive portfolio of courses and examinations, CSI relies on the subject matter expertise of a wide range of professionals in the financial services industry. If you have an interest in examination standards, writing, and sharing your knowledge and experience, consider putting your name forward to develop examination content. Item writers receive training and materials and are contacted on an as-needed basis to develop examination content for which they are remunerated.

Examination Standard Setting

Standard setting is the task of determining levels of performance for professional assessments. This involves, among other tasks, identifying candidate populations and making judgments on expected performance to determine the standard that candidates must meet to pass the AFP certification examinations. When a new AFP Exam 1 or AFP Exam 2 is published a group is brought together to determine the standard necessary to pass the administered examination.

CSI hosts a standard setting session two to three times a year for new versions of AFP Exam 1 and AFP Exam 2. This is an excellent opportunity for PFP®s and FCSI®s who have the ability to judge the knowledge, skills and abilities required for entry-level financial planners, an interest in education and standards, a desire to expand their own knowledge and skills, and interest in contributing to the growth of the PFP®s designation. Participants will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses related to the meetings as per CSIs travel and expense guidelines.

Examination Marking

AFP Exam 2 is a constructed-response examination where candidates record written responses to posed questions. Such responses require marking from trained professionals against a pre-determined answer key and marking structure. The answer key is vetted and calibrated extensively to ensure fairness to all candidates. CSI looks to engage interested PFP® and/or FCSI® professionals to participate as AFP Exam 2 Markers. Selected individuals will be required to participate in training sessions and will receive a payment per examination completed. FCSI®s will also receive some annual Industry Contribution hours.

If you would like to get involved with any of these opportunities, please visit the Subject Matter Expert page on our website to express your interest.