The PFP® Advisory Council's mandate is to shape and promote the PFP® designation (and the interests of the PFP® community) to the financial services industry and the public. The Council is also responsible for handling complaints against a PFP® designation holder in the rare event that they arise.

The Council consists of 10 - 12 volunteers from across Canada who have a vested interest in the success of the PFP® designation. Members sit on the Council for a 3-year term, with the potential to renew.


The Council oversees the PFP® designation and ensures that it - and its holders - continually meet the highest educational, ethical and professional standards. Key functions of the Council include:

  • Establishing and approving the body of knowledge and competency level required to achieve and maintain the PFP® designation
  • Providing guidance to continually improve the PFP® and its relevance
  • Assisting CSI with shaping the PFP® strategy to ensure the continued growth of the designation
  • Assisting CSI with promoting awareness of the PFP® designation with the industry and the investing public

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The following is a list of current PFP® Advisory Council

Tiffany L Harding (Chair), CFP®, CLU, CIWM, FCSI®
Senior Financial Planner, RBC Wealth Management
RBC Dominion Securities Inc.
Toronto ON

Bruce Campbell, BBA, CFP
Bezemer & Campbell Financial Group
Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.
Vancouver BC

Korinne Collins
VP Professional Development and Education
Credit Union Central of Canada
Toronto ON

Michael D. Ford
Director, Strategic Program Office , Strategic Support
Toronto ON

Kevin Gebert, FCSI, CFP
Financial Planner
Greenrock Financial Group, Inc
Surrey, BC

Stuart Gray, CIWM, FCSI®, CFP, PFP®
Director, FP Support & Practice Management, RBC Royal Bank
Toronto ON

Carissa Lucreziano, CFP
Senior Director, Imperial Service
Toronto, ON

Karen Murkar
Chair, School of Accounting & Financial Services
Seneca College
Toronto ON

Marta Sadurska, CFP, PFP®, FCSI
Assistant Branch Manager II, Mutual Fund Investment Specialist
Servus Credit Union | Credential Asset Management Inc.
Leduc, AB

James Bilcox, CFP, PFP®
Sunlife Financial
Calgary, AB

Joshua Wong, PFP®
Investment Sales Manager HSBC Global Asset Management Ltd.
Vancouver BC

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The PFP® Ethics Committee was established to ensure any complaints against a PFP® designation holder are heard promptly and fairly. The Committee considers any alleged violation of the PFP® Code of Ethics and determines whether or not there has been a breach.

  • A CSI Case Co-ordinator (normally a CSI employee) provides each member of the Committee with a copy of the case file
  • At the Committee meeting, the CSI Case Co-ordinator presents the case and answers any questions
  • If the Committee determines that the case qualifies as a breach, the Committee determines the appropriate penalty

Composition of the Ethics Committee

The PFP® Advisory Council appoints members of the Ethics Committee including the Chairperson. The Committee comprises 3 - 5 members selected from a CSI Advisory Council.

No member who participates in the investigation of the allegation against the PFP® may sit on the Ethics Committee. No person may sit on both the Ethics Committee and the Designation Appeals Committee.

Composition of The Designation Appeals Committee

The Designation Appeals Committee comprises 3 members of the Advisory Council who do not sit on the Ethics Committee. Its members are appointed by the Chairperson of the PFP® Advisory Council.

Learn more about the Designation Ethics Committee.

  • 2010
    0 allegations placed against PFP®s
  • 2011
    0 allegations placed against PFP®s
  • 2012
    0 allegations placed against PFP®s
  • 2013
    0 allegations placed against PFP®s
  • 2014
    0 suspensions due to breach of PFP® Code of Ethics
    1 warning letter issued to a PFP® designation holder
  • 2015
    0 allegations placed against PFP®s
  • 2016
    0 allegations placed against PFP®s
    0 Suspensions due to a breach of the Code of Ethics
    1 Requirement to complete a supplementary educational module prior to recertification
  • 2017
    0 allegations placed against PFP®s
    0 Suspensions due to a breach of the Code of Ethics
    1 Requirement to complete a supplementary educational module prior to recertification

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