Earning the PFP®

  1. Education
    • The PFP® requires applicants to complete an approved learning path
  2. Certification Examination
  3. Work Experience
  4. Code of Ethics
    • When applying for the PFP® you must commit to the PFP® Code of Ethics.
  5. Trademarks
  6. Application/Licence
    • The initial application fee is $275 and includes your licence fee for the year.and your commitment to the maintenance requirements such as continuing education.

Maintaining the PFP®

To maintain your PFP® designation in good standing, you must:

Learn more about PFP® Maintenance Requirements

For inquiries about designation requirements, please email us at our special PFP® email address.


CSI holds itself to the highest standards of honesty, transparency and fairness when dealings with clients, students, designation holders and regulators.

We are committed to ensuring impartiality in carrying out our PFP® certification activities (e.g., certification examination results and other decisions related to granting designations). We actively manage conflicts of interest to ensure objectivity.

Learn more about the appeals policies and processes for certification examinations.

To appeal other certification decisions please email us.