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Leveraging CRM to Enhance Client Relationships

What you ll learn:

Leveraging CRM to Enhance Client Relationships is delivered in a blended format comprising of 6 hours of eLearning, covering the essential aspects of CRM2, and a 1 day seminar focusing, through lecture and role playing, on the key elements of effective communication and tips on handling difficult conversations with clients. The goal of the course is to provide advisors with skills that will allow them to interpret client verbal and non-verbal cues, handle difficult conversations and articulate a clear value proposition that can help turn a situation where the client may be at risk of leaving, to one where advisors not only avert this possibility but build an even stronger relationship.

By completing the eLearning and attending the seminar, advisors will review:

  • The phases of CRM’s implementation
  • The new requirements for pre-trade disclosure, fixed income compensation, use of benchmark information, and client account statements
  • Enhanced trade confirmations and reporting on charges and compensation
  • Money-weighted versus time-weighted rates of return
  • Verbal and non-verbal client cues
  • Active listening techniques
  • Establishing a clear value proposition
  • Elements of communication and how to handle difficult conversations

Advisors will be well-positioned to reinforce the professional nature of their relationships with clients by openly and confidently discussing conflicts of interest, charges and performance and reinforcing the value-added services that are often not immediately recognizable to clients.