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Writing your exam on Saturday in Toronto?

Exam Booking Fees

There is no charge for your first attempt of a paper based exam as long as you provide a minimum of 14 days notice before the date that you want to write the exam.

First computer-based exam attempt has a fee of $75.

International exam booking Fees

Students who enrol in any CSI course (with the exception of students who enrol in any CSI Derivatives courses offered by the Hong Kong Securities Institute) are required to pay a international exam sitting fee:

  • First exam attempt written within 12 months of your enrolment date: $350 CDN
  • Second and subsequent exam attempts: $515 CDN per exam attempt
  • Re-booking of an exam that was cancelled without providing 14 days notice: $515 CDN

CSI reserves the right to increase the exam sitting fee depending on accessibility, availability and other factors associated with the exam centre.

Express Exam Booking Service

CSI's express exam booking service, in most cases, allows you to write your exam within 14 days after it is booked. Express exam bookings are available for an additional fee of $150.

Exams booked through the regular and express service are available only on the days and times that appear on the exam centres list. Click here to view the exam centres list.

All express exam bookings are subject to availability and confirmation by CSI's exam department.

To book an exam using the express exam booking service, please send an email to and include the following information:

  • your student number
  • your name
  • daytime phone number
  • course, city, date and time that you want to write your exam

Pilot Questions

To continuously improve the examinations offered to students, CSI may test a small number of pilot questions on each examination. These questions may be included on future examinations. The time allocated for the examination takes these pilot questions into consideration.

Please note that the calculation of your final mark does not include the pilot questions.

Writing your exam on Saturday in Toronto?

If you are scheduled to write your exam on a Saturday in Toronto the following information is required:

Your exam will be held at:
200 Wellington Street West
15th Floor
Toronto, ON

Room: Classroom

Due to building regulations, please follow these procedures when you appear for your exam:

  1. Wellington Street entrance is closed on weekends. You must enter the building from the north side of the building (you will see the security guard desk through the doors).
  2. Press the red buzzer and the security guard will open the door to obtain entry into the building.
  3. You must provide the security guard with your name – he will verify that your name is on the list.
  4. You may then proceed to the classroom which is located on the 15th floor.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 1-866-866-2601.