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At CSI, the well-being of our valued learners and staff is our highest priority. Learn more about our response to COVID-19 and changes to our exam delivery format.

During The Exam

 What Reference Material Can I Use In The Exam?

All exams are in closed book format with the exception of:

Students writing these exams are permitted to use the "Income Tax Act" booklet during the exam.

 Are Exam Questions Confidential?

You will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement concerning exam question confidentiality. You may only view exam content during the exam session. No exceptions to this policy will be made. Because exam questions are confidential, we cannot discuss the details of particular exam questions.

In addition, if you are writing a computer-based exam, you will be required to complete an agreement requiring you to confirm that you understand the policies relating to uncontrollable exam interruptions.

At no time should you remove any pages from the exam booklet, answer booklet or computer base scrap paper booklet.  If pages are removed disciplinary action may be taken and your exam may be voided.

 How Do I Record My Answers For A Multiple Choice Paper-Based Exam?

When writing a paper-based multiple choice exam, you must record your answers on the bubble sheet provided. If you write answers in your exam booklet, your answers will not be graded. Further, you will not be given extra time to transfer your answers from the exam booklet to the bubble sheet.

 Are computer-based exams available for my course?

 Can I Change From A Computer-Based To A Paper-Based Exam?

After you have started your computer-based exam you will not be allowed to switch to a paper-based exam. When you complete your examination, the computer will display an unofficial pass or fail result. Your official results will be available within 1 business day, including a detailed feedback form.

 Who Supervises The Examinations?

CSI trained proctors supervise all examinations. Proctors are governed by CSI policies and comply with the standards set out in our proctor handbook.

If an incident occurs during an exam such as suspected cheating, loud noise, or a facilities complaint, proctors must file an incident report. All reports are reviewed by the exam coordinator and are investigated. Appropriate follow-up action will be taken.

 What Happens If There Is A Temporary Exam Interruption?

If a false fire alarm, medical emergency, or noise problem occur, the proctor will decide if the exam must be halted. If the exam must be halted temporarily, the proctor will keep track of the time missed. The proctor will then add this time to the end of the time allocated to allow for completion of the exam.

During an interruption to the exam, you are required to remain at your workstation. You will not be allowed to study or talk. After a minimum of 10 minutes has elapsed, you may feel that the disruption is too severe and may want to re-book an exam sitting at a future date. You will not be charged for rebooking. You will, however, need to make your decision known to the proctor before the exam restarts. If you choose to arrange another sitting you will be given a different version of the exam.

 What Happens If My Exam Room Is Evacuated?

Your exam will be cancelled if you have to be evacuated from the exam room. You will be able to rebook your exam at another time at no charge to you. CSI will accommodate your request as quickly as possible. You will also be given a different version of the exam at your next sitting.

Where safety permits, proctors will collect all unfinished examinations in the same manner that is used under normal exam circumstances. Exam papers will be removed from the premises and returned to CSI.