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At CSI, the well-being of our valued learners and staff is our highest priority. Learn more about our response to COVID-19 and changes to our exam delivery format.

Course Extension

 Are Course Extensions Possible?

If you have not completed your course during the regular enrolment period, you’re allowed to purchase a one-time extension per course enrolment. You must apply for an extension prior to the expiry of your enrolment period.

  • One year course extensions are offered for each course purchased in a bundle (if you selected the Enroll by Program Option).
  • Your course extension is reflective of your course enrolment period. If you are enrolled in a 1 year course, you qualify for a 1 year course extension. If you are enrolled in a 6 month course, you qualify for a 6 month extension.
  • If you successfully complete your course in your extension period, access to your online materials will close 2 weeks after successful course completion or course expiry (whichever comes first).

Please Note: Not all courses are extendable; please check the course page for more information. Most CE courses, study tools and certification exams are not extendable.

 What Do Course Extension Fees Cover?

Extension fees cover:

  • Access to the online version of the course, if applicable
  • An additional 12 months to complete your one year enrolment course
  • An additional 6 months to complete your six month enrolment course

Extension fees DO NOT cover:

  • New textbooks
  • Learning aids that were purchased separately from your course, such as Check Products and Textbooks
  • Exam re-write fees
  • Exam cancelations (when purchasing a course extension this does not automatically cancel any exams you may have already scheduled for this course. If you do not wish to write your exam you must still abide by the exam cancellation policies and provide sufficient notice.

 Are course extension fees refundable?

Course extension fees are non refundable.

 Are Extensions Available on Check Products?

If you purchase a course extension and wish to extend access to your check product simply click on the Extend Check button on your MyCSI page to proceed. A fee will apply.

 What Do Check Extension Fees Cover?

Check extension fees cover:

  • An additional 12 months to use the check product.
  • Access to any update made to the check product.

Check extensions fees DO NOT cover:

  • New/additional questions
  • New/additional exam mode attempts

 How Do I Qualify For An Extension?

To qualify for an extension, you must be enrolled in your original course. Courses designated as Continuing Education courses do not qualify for extensions.

Your extension will give you an additional 12 months* to complete your one year enrolment course and an additional 6 months to complete your six month enrolment course.

Your exam assessment record from the original enrolment period will be carried over to the extension period.

You will be able to access any unused exam attempts from your previous enrolment during the extension period, subject to current exam rules. Un-attempted exams in the original enrolment are permitted, without fee, during the extension. Each exam re-write, after the first attempt, is subject to exam re-write fees.

You Will Be Responsible For:

  • Ensuring your contact information is current and up-to-date with CSI
  • Any applicable course updates or revisions that occur during your enrolment and extension periods
  • Familiarizing yourself with the CSI Code of Conduct and any changes to policy that may have changed since your initial enrolment.

For more information please refer to the CSI Code of Conduct.

 Can I get an extension if an error was made?

You may request an exception if CSI made an error that prevented you from using your original enrolment period or applying for an extension of that period. Examples of such errors may include not receiving material on time, lack of access to online products or non-processing of extension applications.

You can apply for a CSI service error exception by email. You will need to explain the error, the impact on you, and what efforts have taken place to date. CSI will review details of the problem and the actions taken to date before granting your request. If your request is granted, the length of the extension will be based on how this service error affected your studies.

 Can I get an extension under extenuating circumstances?

Requests to purchase an extension more than one month past the expiry date of your course must be approved by CSI.

Please click here for detailed information.