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CSI/ICB Integration FAQ’s (FAQ’s for ICB students)

 Logging on and Student ID

Will my ICB Student ID still be valid on My ICB as a result of the CSI / ICB integration?

Yes, your ICB Student ID will remain valid in MY ICB. Please note that although you still have access to your Student Profile through My ICB, most of the information found there has not been updated since December 17 2007. Your Student Profile is now available on the CSI website.

How can I obtain my CSI student ID?

Getting your CSI Student ID is easy. Simply call CSI Customer Support at 1.866.866.2601 (Canada & USA) or at 416.364.9130 and your new Student ID will be issued upon the verification of your personal details. If you have purchased a product after the CSI / ICB integration, you’ll be notified of your new CSI Student ID in your confirmation email.

How can I access my student profile on CSI website using my ICB student ID?

Simply visit and look for the student ID prompt. If your ICB Student ID is 7 digits, you must enter 1+ ICB Student ID. If your ICB Student ID is less than 7 digits, you must enter 1+00...+ICB Student ID for a total of 8 digits. This now becomes your new CSI student ID.

If your ICB student ID is: Your CSI student ID will be:
5 digits 1 + 00 + ICB Student ID
6 digits 1 + 0 + ICB Student ID
7 digits 1 + ICB Student ID

Note that your ICB password is still valid on the CSI website.

I have forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it?

If you’ve forgotten your password please email us at or call us at 1.866.866.2601 (Canada & USA) or at 416.364.9130.

 Student Profile

Is my ICB Student Profile and Academic History available on the CSI website?

Yes, your complete ICB Student Profile, including your academic history, transcripts and course information is available on the CSI website.


How do I apply for a course extension?

All courses, except Continuing Education courses, are subject to extensions. To apply, simply login to your CSI Student Profile. You’ll need your Student ID and PIN to access your information. Click on the Resources tab and select Course Extensions. You can also download the Course Extension Form, complete it and return it to CSI. Click here to find out more about course extensions.

 Equivalency and Cross Credits

Which ICB courses are recognized and accredited by CSI?

All ICB courses are automatically recognized by CSI.


Where can I view exam availability?

All exam schedules are available online.

How do I cancel or reschedule an exam?

To cancel or reschedule and exam, refer to the Booking Your Exam policy.

Have any of the former ICB courses changed their exam format?

The Personal Financial Planner (PFP) exams are now presented in a multiple choice format, except for Financial Planning Integration Activity.


How can I obtain a transcript?

Students can access their transcripts online at Simply login with your Student ID and PIN and visit the Student Centre. Click on Academic History and choose Notice Access Centre. Once there, you have the option to send a transcript to a current or potential employer, regulator or third party by email from CSI. There is no charge for this service. To request a formal written transcript on CSI letterhead, there is an administrative fee of $35.00 + applicable taxes.


What method of payment does CSI accept?

All CSI courses and seminars may be purchased by credit card, cheque or money order. CSI accepts MasterCard, VISA and American Express. Payment must be made at the time of course registration or purchase of any CSI product or service. Registrations or purchases will not be processed until full payment is received.

What if my company is paying for the course?

Employers paying for courses, seminars, products and services on behalf of students can do so through their corporate account and will be invoiced accordingly. Corporate students who wish to enroll and who are being sponsored by their employers must apply directly through their employer.


Have the ICB course assignments changed?

All assignments are optional and will not count towards your final grade.

EXCEPTION: Assignments in both the Professional Banking Program (PBP) and the Dalhousie University MBA  (Financial Services) stream are mandatory and will count towards your final grade.

Assignments are available online in your CSI Academic File.

However, if you registered prior to December 17th 2007, and if you choose to submit your assignments prior to writing your final exam, the grading of the assignments will count towards your final mark. Assignments must be submitted through My ICB or via paper-based format.