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License for use of Material and Security CSI Policies

(a) The Publisher grants to MAGE a nonexclusive, non-transferable license, English and French languages, electronic and print, Canadian rights, to post a PDF of the then current Edition on the MAGE internet web page. The conditions for this use are:

  • (i) MAGE will publish the terms of the use of the PDF and require the agreement of the terms by all students/users before granting access to the student;
  • (ii) The duration is limited to the time specified in the paragraph "Term of Agreement";
  • (iii) Access is provided on a password-protected web page and the password protection is maintained for the duration of the license;
  • (iv) No other use is to be made of the PDF, except that each user may make one paper copy for his/her own personal use;
  • (v) No other copying, redistribution, retransmission, publication or commercial exploitation of the PDF is permitted without the express written permission of the Publisher;
  • (vi) Full acknowledgment is given, on the screen and on any printout, to the authors, the source, and the Publisher; and
  • (vii) The form of acknowledgment for the Publisher is: "Reprinted by permission of CSI, a division of Moody's Analytics."