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At CSI, the well-being of our valued learners and staff is our highest priority. Learn more about our response to COVID-19 and changes to our exam delivery format.

Notification of Exam Results

 When Will I Receive My Exam Results?

You can access your results by logging in using your e-mail address or student id and password. Go to, input your student ID and PIN number, select Exam Results, then select your course.

Please note that exam results can take up to 1 business day for computer-based exams, 15 business days for scanned multiple choice exams, excluding AFP Exam 1, and 30 business days for all other exams (eg. AFP Exam 1 and AFP Exam 2).

 Where can I get a copy of my Web Transcript?

You can access your transcript by logging in with your e-mail address or student id and password and selecting “download transcripts” from the left menu. There is no charge for an online transcript. The option to send a transcript to an employer, potential employer, regulator or third party by email is also available. (An email will be sent by CSI).

A formal transcript printed on CSI letterhead can also be requested.

There is an administrative fee of $35 plus applicable taxes for this service.

 Can I Have My Examination Re-Marked?

All CSI students who have attempted a proctored exam are eligible to request an exam remark. The request for a remark must be received by CSI within four weeks of the grade being posted on the CSI Student Profile.

Please read the information below before submitting your request for remark.

Multiple Choice Exams

All multiple choice exams are scored by a scanner and are not marked by hand. If you would like your exam answer sheet scanned one more time you may request a re-mark. You should be aware that any errors such as erasing lightly, marking lightly, not shading the entire circle etc. have already been reviewed before the mark is released. CSI would like to reassure you that a scanned exam is error free, however if you’d still like to go ahead and have your exam re-marked, we’ll be happy to do so, a fee will apply.

Please complete and submit the exam re-marking form.

Written Exams

Written exams are also available for remarking. If you do request a remark of a non-multiple choice exam, we’d like to let you know that your exam will be sent to a different marker for evaluation. If you’d like to have your written exam re-marked, please complete and submit the exam remark form, a remark fee will apply.

Note: Students will not be provided with additional feedback either on a multiple choice or on a written exam should they choose to submit a re-mark request. All re-marked results can take up to 30 business days to receive. You will receive an official letter from CSI indicating the change in status if applicable.

 What If I Have A Question About A Specific Exam Question?

If you are concerned about a specific exam question (eg. error, missing info), you should complete the Exam Query Form available with the proctor at the exam centre or by emailing to request a copy. Be sure to include your student ID#, course name, exam date, question #, as well as specific details about your concern. Your query will be logged and investigated. CSI will respond to your query only if the review results in a change that impacts you.

Please remember that we cannot discuss the solutions to any exam questions. All CSI exam questions have already been through a rigorous review process involving several external subject matter experts.

 Can I Review My Exam Booklet With A CSI Staff Member?

For most exams, CSI sends out a Student Performance Record which gives exam writers feedback on their performance on an exam.

Examination papers are not returned to students and are not available for inspection. There are no exceptions to this policy.