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Do you want to be featured in this year's campaign promoting the PFP®?

April 11, 2014

We are doing it again! The 2013 campaign featuring our designation holders was so successful that we’ve chosen to continue the trend in this year’s campaign.

The 2014 campaign will continue to focus on building the reputation of your designations by featuring “faces behind the letters” to tell the interesting and inspiring stories of who you are, and why you chose a career in the financial services industry. As a designation holder, you embody the value and credibility of your designation(s), and we want to continue to showcase those values.

We continue to work hard to build the profile of your credentials, and are looking for more PFP®s interested in an extra opportunity to shine. If you think you have a fascinating, motivating and thought-provoking story to tell, and feel you would be a respected representative of your profession and fellow designation holders, then we want to hear from you.  This year’s campaign will begin in June and run throughout the year.

You could be featured in:

  • Print and online interviews
  • Magazine profiles
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Media interviews as a spokesperson
  • A video gallery
What You Need To Do:

If you want to be featured, please include answers to these 10 questions, a recent photo of yourself and a copy of this signed compliance form for consideration by April 25, 2014.  

Please send your answers and application to designations@csi.ca.

By entering, you agree to participate in advertising and publicity initiatives on behalf of CSI. You are responsible for obtaining the appropriate permissions and compliance from your employer to use your employer's name as well. CSI reserves the right to select candidates for its advertising and publicity initiatives.


This fall, CSI launched a national marketing campaign focused on PFP®, CIM® and the Fellow of CSI (FCSI)® and we wanted to share the news with you! This multi-channel, integrated campaign includes national print and online advertising, public relations and social media. The goal is to build widespread public awareness, and emphasize the value of your credential.

Introducing the latest PFP® ad published in the following:

  • MoneySense - September/October and November 2012
  • Maclean's iPad - October-December 2012
  • Globe Investor - October 2012
  • Investopedia - October and November 2012
  • Morningstar - October and November 2012


The public relations campaign focuses on the trend towards professionalization of advice and the fact that designations are increasingly becoming necessary to compete in financial services today. It was informed by extensive focus groups and one-on-one interviews with financial professionals and industry leaders. See below to read more or click here for the full article.

-For Immediate Release-

Financial services employers seek job-ready advisors, see designations as increasingly necessary

As professional bar rises in evolving advice industry, investors and financial institutions place higher premium on experience, expertise and credentials. Read more