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Investors are invited to use this Directory to locate qualified financial advisors who have attained PFP certification.

When you hire an accredited CSI financial professional, you're hiring an expert who has been trained by Canada's most trusted and respected financial services education provider. Since it was established in 1970 as the Canadian Securities Institute, over three-quarters of a million financial professionals have chosen CSI for their career training and development.

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The Personal Financial Planner (PFP) designation is a leading industry standard that ensures graduates are provided with the information they need to meet the requirements of today's clients.

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Please note: Individuals who were granted the original PFP designation and did not move over to the PFP will not appear in this directory. These individuals have completed a comprehensive education program but have not committed to the new PFP requirements of 3 years experience, an annual license renewal and commitment to the PFP Code of Ethics and Continuing Education requirements.