The Canadian Securities Institute® (CSI) is the most experienced and trusted financial educator endorsed by regulatory authorities across Canada.

When investors choose to work with a Personal Financial Planner PFP®, they can feel confident knowing these professionals are held to high standards enforced through CSI's rigorous process - and our ISO 17024 accreditation.


All PFP® designation holders agree to abide by the PFP® Code of Ethics, both when applying for the designation and when renewing it annually. Abiding by the Code means a PFP® commits to maintaining a high level of professionalism when dealing with the public.

CSI is committed to overseeing the ethical standards required of its designation holders. We monitor adherence to the PFP® Code of Ethics through reviews, periodic audits of the designation holder's annual commitment and declaration requirements, handling public complaints and tracking news and regulatory reports.

All candidates are required to declare any legal action, allegations or complaints prior to being granted a designation and also each year upon renewal of that designation. A “Fit and Proper Requirement” is a component of the application. The requirement sets out the following situations for self-declaration:

  • Any accusations of professional misconduct, disciplinary or reprimands or license suspensions or revocations by an employer, professional association or administrative or regulatory authority
  • Currently bankrupt or in the past 5 years been adjudged bankrupt
  • Convicted of a criminal offence in any jurisdiction for which a record suspension or a pardon has not been granted
  • Convicted of an offense under any financial services or consumer protection legislation in any jurisdiction

Any information provided will be collected, stored and used in accordance with applicable law and our privacy policy and will be shared with the Designation Ethics Committee to determine your suitability for the designation.

Declaring these situations will not necessarily impact certification or renewal. The Ethics Committee will review each situation individually.



CSI has a responsibility to oversee the individuals who have been granted the PFP® designation. This oversight is carried out in the best interest of the public and the holders of the PFP® designation.

All PFP® holders have attested to abide by the PFP® Code of Ethics. Adherence to the Code and this Ethical Misconduct Process is mandatory. A breach of the Code of Ethics can result in disciplinary action.

Allegations of violation of the PFP® Code of Ethics are dealt with by the Designation Ethics Committee according to the CSI Ethical Misconduct Process. If the Committee determines a violation occurred, a disciplinary sanction is recommended.

Before filing a formal complaint with CSI, we strongly recommend trying to resolve the issue by speaking directly with the PFP® in question. Those who cannot come to a resolution are encouraged to send the complaint to CSI. Please do not send financial documents without removing any confidential or private information.

Please send your complaint using the submission link below. This link is used to file a formal complaint against a CSI designation or fellowship holder in relation to professional behaviour and a possible breach of the Code of Ethics. All complaints must be submitted using this form on-line or printing it and submitting it by email.  CSI will not accept anonymous complaints.

Disciplinary sanctions may include:

  • A written reprimand from the Designation Ethics Committee
  • Notifying the appropriate regulatory body for possible further investigation
  • Recording the violation in the PFP® designation holder's record
  • Requiring the PFP® to complete a supplementary ethics course(s)
  • Requiring the PFP® to complete an additional professional development course(s)
  • Suspending the PFP®'s licence and use of the PFP® Certification Mark (for a specific period, indefinitely with conditions for reinstatement, or permanently)
  • Imposing other measures deemed appropriate by the Designation Ethics Committee

Sanctions imposed against a PFP® as a result of a breach of the Code of Ethics may be posted on this website.


The individuals listed below have been found to have breached the PFP® Code of Ethics and have received the disciplinary sanctions set out below.  Individuals who have been suspended or have their PFP® designation revoked do not appear on the CSI Directory of PFP® Holders in Good Standing. This list is effective as of June 1, 2022.