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How to Find a CIWM Holder?

Investors are invited to use this Directory to locate qualified wealth managers who have attained the CIWM designation.

When you hire an accredited CSI financial professional, you’re hiring an expert who has been trained by Canada’s most trusted and respected financial services education provider. Since it was established in 1970 as the Canadian Securities Institute, over three-quarters of a million financial professionals have chosen CSI for their career training and development.

Why Choose a CIWM Holder?

The needs of high-net-worth clients are complex. As wealth spreads across borders, we encounter a whole other layer of complexity. There’s no question about the benefit of working with a financial expert who can navigate all intricacies of wealth—here and abroad.

The Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM) designation is the global standard for wealth management. Designed with extensive industry input, it ensures that those who earn the CIWM letters have the strategic and practical expertise that high-net-worth clients demand. A CIWM is a holistic thinker, connecting and managing every financial aspect of an affluent client’s life.

Those who choose to work with a CIWM can feel confident that their wealth is being effectively protected and primed for growth leading up to retirement and beyond. Not only do CIWMs provide clients with specialized service and financial advice, but they are also held to high professional standards. They are required to abide by a Code of Ethics and fulfil maintenance requirements to make sure they always bring their best to the table.

Public Complaints and Ethical Misconduct Process 

To submit a complaint, please visit our complaints page.

What is the CIWM Competency Profile?

The CIWM Professional Competency Profile provides an overview of the responsibilities, skills, and knowledge unique to someone with the CIWM designation. It is the foundational document for the Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM) designation that describes the required competencies (i.e., the knowledge, skills and abilities) of professionals awarded the designation.

The Competency Profile is the defining resource for what a wealth manager can and should do in practice. It is used to set the requirements for the pre-requisite education programs, the work experience component, the CIWM Certification Examination and continuing education requirements.

As the CIWM designation continues to progress to meet clients’ changing needs, employers, and most recently, regulators, CSI revises the Competency Profile every 5 years through an extensive consultative process involving various stakeholders.

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