What are the Benefits of Holding the FCSI®?

As an FCSI®, you’re part of an elite group of distinguished leaders in financial services. In addition to industry-wide recognition and respect, your Fellowship provides you with the following benefits:

Get listed in CSI’s FCSI® Directory, which helps clients find you and verify your credentials.

Enjoy the right to use the FCSI® trademark designation letters in marketing materials to promote your credentials.

Access to online resources and customizable marketing materials through the FCSI® Member Portal to help you promote yourself, your designation, educate your clients about the FCSI® and build your practice.

Free access to all webinars designed for financial advisors on the latest industry trends and topics through CSI Live. Opportunities to build your leadership profile through leading webinars, writing articles and writing/reviewing exams through CSI Podium.

Access to the member’s only FCSI® networking group on LinkedIn.

Opportunities to build your leadership profile through leading webinars, writing articles and writing/reviewing exams through CSI Podium.

Industry Contribution (IC) Tracker Tool to track and manage industry contribution requirements to maintain the FCSI®.

National promotion and advertising campaigns that create awareness of the Fellowship, including opportunities to be featured.

Designation Annual Report

In recognition of the dedication and commitment you’ve demonstrated in attaining and upholding your designation, we are pleased to introduce the Designation Annual Report. This comprehensive document has been crafted to offer insightful details regarding your designation, including statistics on new designation holders, highlights of promotional initiatives, and a comprehensive overview of member benefits.

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How does CSI Promote the FCSI® Designation?

CSI works hard to promote the FCSI® letters on behalf of our designation holders. Our goal is to build awareness of the FCSI® by emphasizing its value to the financial services community, employers and the investing public. We do this annually through advertising and public relations campaigns across print, digital and out-of-home (public) media.

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How Can FCSI® Holders Get Involved?

As leaders in financial services, we strive to look for new ways to elevate the Fellow even higher. To do this, it’s critical that we consult with industry professionals who have their ears to the ground and can deliver first-hand insights. CSI has several opportunities for you to get involved to help advance the FCSI®, including:

  • Writing articles
  • Sitting on an FCSI® Advisory Council
  • Leading webinars for CSI or other financial services educators
  • Reviewing and writing exam questions for CSI courses
  • Beta testing for examinations
  • Participating in surveys and focus groups
  • Volunteering as an FCSI® Event Ambassador

Your valued input is instrumental in shaping the future of the financial services industry.

Become a Subject Matter Expert

To help us to continue to develop, deliver and maintain the Fellow of CSI (FCSI®) to the high standard expected by the financial services industry, CSI is looking to recruit volunteer subject matter experts to assist us. 


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