CSI will be performing system maintenance on Saturday April 13th from 5 a.m. until 1 p.m. ET. You will not have access to your “myCSI” student account, nor will you be able to book, cancel or reschedule exams during this time. You can still access your online course materials by visiting connect.csi.ca then connecting to “Blackboard Learn”.

For your convenience, CSI offers a secure online payment process. We recommend using this process as you get instantaneous confirmation of your payment.

If you are unable to apply directly online, either because supporting documentation or CSI approval is required, you can complete and submit the appropriate form below.

  • Identify the form you wish to submit
  • Select “Fill out form
  • Complete the form in its entirety
  • Some forms require supporting documentation and cannot be submitted without it (refer to the form)
  • Some forms require payment upon submission. A message will follow “Submit Payment“. Once payment is submitted your form will be reviewed.
  • CSI will notify you if your request is approved, declined or if more information is required.
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The following forms can be filled out online (fee is required):

Academic Exemption Request Form

To request an Academic Exemption of a course:

$100 Administration fee (non-refundable) required upon submission

$100 per exemption granted (to be paid if exemption(s) are granted)

Certificate replacement form

To order a certificate replacement


Course and Check Extension Form

To request an extension to your enrolment period.

  • 1 Year Course: $275
  • 6 Month Course: $150
  • Check: $75

If you have not completed your course during the regular enrolment period, you’re allowed to purchase a one-time extension per course enrolment.

You can purchase your extension directly online if purchased prior to your expiry date.

Applications received after your enrolment period will only be accepted if it is your first extension request for this course and you are applying within 4 weeks of expiring.

Designation Application Form

To apply for:

  • CIM®: $325
  • CIWM: $325
  • PFP®: $355
  • MTI®: $325

Exception Request Form

To request an exception from CSI Policy

$35 per course – fee is non-refundable.

External Designation Recognition Request Form

To request recognition of a candidate’s external designations towards CSI Certificates & Designations


License Application Fellow of CSI (FCSI®)

To apply for the Fellow of CSI (FCSI®)

License Renewal Form

To renew the license for Fellow of CSI (FCSI®), Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®), Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM), Personal Financial Planner (PFP®), Estate and Trust Professional (MTI®).

Renew the license:

  • FCSI®: $325
  • CIM®: $325
  • CIWM: $325
  • DFSA: $100
  • PFP®: $355
  • MTI®: $325
  • late fee*: +$50
  • Renew the license including late and reinstatement fees**: + $425

*If you allowed your designation to lapse beyond 60 days, but less than one year of your license renewal date you will be required to pay the renewal fee along with a late fee.

**If you allowed your designation to lapse longer than one year, but less than 5 years you will be required to pay a $50 administration fee, $375 reinstatement fee in addition to the annual renewal licensee fee of the designation you are renewing (prices shown above) as well as provide proof of completion of CE for each year, for FCSI® proof of industry contribution (IC) for all years of non-renewal.

Re-Mark Request Form

  • To request a re-mark of your constructed-response format exam (non-multiple choice): $150
  • To request a re-mark of your multiple choice exam: $100
  • To request a remark of your CIWM Certification Examination: $250

Transcript Request Form

To order an Official Transcript of all or of specific courses.

The following forms can be filled out online (no fee is required):

Continuing Education/Industry Contribution Exception Request Form

  • CE Exception Request is for students who wish to request an exception from CE requirements for CIM®, CIWM®, PFP® and MTI®.
  • Industry Contribution Exception is for students who wish to request an exception from IC requirements for FCSI®.

Information Release Consent Agreement

To allow CSI to release your grades to specified parties. Required for special pricing.

Request for Accommodation

To request accommodation for courses and exams.

The following form(s) can be filled out online and mailed in the confirmation email with your payment (money order, certified or corporate cheque, Visa, MasterCard or Amex), alternatively you can apply online:

Enrolment Form

(Please note you can enrol directly online.)
WME course Enrolment – To enrol in a WME course.
Course Re-Enrolment Rule 2600 – For candidates who are not current employees of an CIRO member-firm.
AFP Certification Examination Application – To book an exam sitting.

Please note: applications emailed with credit card information will not be processed.

Frame Order Form

To Purchase Multiple Frames to be Shipped to One Address Within Canada.

Please note: applications emailed with credit card information will not be processed.