As a holder of CSI’s Certified International Wealth Manager designation, you are licensed to use the Certified International Wealth Manager certification mark (the “Certification Mark”).

1. As a licensee of the Certification Mark:

a. You can use the Certification Mark as a distinctive visual symbol of the Certified International Wealth Manager designation that can be easily recognized by employers, colleagues, and clients. In essence, as a designation holder, you can use this mark as a seal of quality and integrity.
b. The Certification Mark may not be altered or modified in any way.
c. To ensure that the Certification Mark appears properly, all reproductions of the Certification Mark must be made from camera-ready artwork provided by CSI.
d. The Certification Mark can be used to identify a group of individuals; however, each individual listed must be a current Certified International Wealth Manager designation holder.
e. The Certification Mark must not be used as part of a company name.
f. The Certification Mark should be placed in close proximity to the licensee’s name. However, the Certification Mark should have enough clear space that it is not connected or a part of the licensee’s personalization or degree. The Certification Mark shall not be confused with a company logo or placed in such close proximity to a company name or logo so as to give the reader the idea that the Certification Mark certifies the company.

2. Licensee acknowledges that CSI’s partner, the Association of International Wealth Management (“AIWM”) owns the entire right, title and interest to the Certification Mark and to the trademarks, Certified International Wealth Manager and CIWM, and any logos that include these trademarks (Collectively, the “CIWM Trademarks”) and has authorized CSI to grant the license contemplated herein.

3. CSI hereby grants the Licensee a non-exclusive license to use the Certification Mark in association with the provision of financial services to the public for a one-year term, commencing on the date the licensee is granted the Certified International Wealth Manager designation. Licensee hereby explicitly acknowledges that licensee is not entitled, by virtue of having earned this designation, to its use other than under the terms of this license. This Agreement and the license granted hereunder will be renewed automatically every year for another one-year term upon payment by the licensee of an annual renewal fee and provided the licensee is otherwise in compliance with all the requirements associated with the Certified International Wealth Manager designation and conveyed to Licensee by CSI unless otherwise indicated by CSI in its sole discretion.

4. In order to maintain the right to continue to use the Certification Mark, the Licensee agrees to maintain any and all standards for the character and quality of the services to be provided in association with the Certification Mark and Trademark. CSI shall convey such standards to Licensee from time to time. Such standards shall include but not be limited to the Certified International Wealth Manager Code of Ethics and continuing education requirements.

5. Licensee agrees that CSI may monitor the provision of services provided by Licensee in association with the Certification Mark and CIWM Trademark and that, in the event, CSI determines that the quality of those services does not meet the standards set by CSI, CSI may terminate the license upon sixty (60) days’ notice. The Licensee agrees that the final determination with respect to the termination of this license shall be made by the Ethics Committee. Upon termination of this license, the Licensee shall immediately cease to use or display the Certification Mark and/or CIWM Trademark for any purpose whatsoever.

6. Licensee agrees and acknowledges that CSI may revise any of the terms of this license, in its sole discretion, upon providing the Licensee with thirty (30) days written notice of such revisions. In the event that Licensee does not agree to the revised terms, licensee may terminate the license by providing CSI with written notice of licensee’s intention to terminate within ten (10) business days of being sent written notice of the revised license terms by CSI. In the event that licensee terminates this license in accordance with the terms of this Section 7, licensee will not be entitled to any refund of any fees already paid or owing as of the date of termination.