What is the Corporate Lending Relationship Manager’s role?

The Capital Markets Account Director’s role is to manage the client relationships and grow the profitability of a small portfolio of multi-national corporations and/or government institutions. The assigned portfolio is likely concentrated in a single sector, and therefore the incumbent is expected to be on top of all issues and developments in this sector. Very strong people skills are important in this role.

This role acts as a value-adding conduit, proactively providing the client with access to a variety of experts within the financial institution. Strong cross-functional “influence skills” and senior management experience are important in this job. An effective Capital Markets Account Director must possess expert proficiency in the Commercial Lending Relationship Manager’s competencies in order to have a solid foundation on which to build a “Best in Class” level of competency in this role.

What are the responsibilities of this role?

  • Analyzing the client’s financial condition, and their ability to meet future financial obligations
  • Identifying appropriate credit requirements among more sophisticated options ranging from public debt issues to mezzanine financing to conventional borrowing
  • Identifying and acting upon opportunities to:
    • Improve the efficiency of the client’s movement of money
    • Grow the revenue of the portfolio by selling appropriate additional services to clients
  • Providing advice and deal implementation related to mergers and acquisitions
  • Acting as a coach or mentor to members of the Corporate Banking team

What are the alternate names for this role?

Capital Markets Account Director, Corporate Banking Relationship Manager

What is the earning potential for this role?

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What is the required & recommended credentials and courses?

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