What is the Insurance Agent’s role?

The Insurance Agent’s job is to provide insurance products that provide appropriate protection for their clients’ lives, health, income, and beneficiaries. Insurance Agents can be employed by an insurance company to exclusively represent that organization’s products. Alternatively, an Insurance Agent can be employed by an independent broker to offer clients products from a range of insurance companies. Other financial professionals, including Investment Advisors and Mutual Fund Sales Representatives, sometimes choose to apply for licensing as Insurance agents in order to provide more services to clients.

What are the responsibilities of this role?

  • Analyzing clients’ financial needs and recommend insurance products that provide appropriate protection
  • Preparing reports and maintaining records on behalf of clients
  • Prospecting for new clients
  • May sell annuities that provide retirement income (Besides insurance products, many Insurance Agents become licensed to sell mutual funds, variable annuities and other securities.)
  • Helping policyholders or beneficiaries settle insurance claims in the event of a loss

What are the alternate names for this role?

Life Insurance Sales Agent, Life Insurance Broker

What is the earning potential for this role?

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What are the required & recommended credentials and courses?

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