What is the Mobile Mortgage Specialist’s role?

Part of a mobile mortgage specialist team’s responsibility is to help grow market share of the financial institution. The mortgage specialist is a commissioned sales person with responsibilities to grow business and revenue through strong personal, community, and realtor relationships. While the individuals are compensated by volume placed, they are limited to products offered by the bank or institution by which they are employed.

To get ahead and noticed in a challenging market place an individual dealing with the general public requires a good and in-depth knowledge of industry credit and mortgage lending practices. Focused credit practices offered with the Personal Lending Mortgages course will enhance not only your, knowledge, business, and reputation, but also allow you to minimize your firms risk, impact to clients, and negative firm reputation . Mortgage Specialists are also required to understand more complex products like secures home equity loans, high-ratio mortgages, new construction mortgages, powers of sale; cash back mortgages, and how to arrange mortgages for people that are self-employed, new to Canada, etc. The Personal Lending Mortgages course from CSI will give you the competent professional and capable confidence to achieve your personal and financial firm’s goal.

What are the responsibilities of this role?

  • Client interviews
  • Document gather and review
  • Risk assessment
  • Credit application and processing
  • Ensuring legal compliance with government and Financial institution’s lending guidelines

What are the alternate names for this role?

Broker, Mortgage Agent

What is the earning potential for this role?

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What are the required & recommended credentials and courses?

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