What is Qualified Associate Financial Planner (QAFP®)?

CSI provides you with three streams towards achieving the QAFP® certification. Each of these streams meets the educational requirements of the FP Canada Approved Core Curriculum Program on the path to QAFP® certification and is tailored to the intricacies of the industry (banking, mutual fund dealer or investment dealer) it is designed for. It is recommended that students opt for the route of the industry they work in or aspire to, as that route is best structured and nuanced for that particular field.

Please refer to the FP Canada website for more information on the QAFP® certification.

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What is the CSI path to the Qualified Associate Financial Planner (QAFP®) certification?

CSI offers three paths to the QAFP® certification.

Stream 1: QAFP® Certification Route for Bankers

Stream 2: QAFP® Certification Route for Mutual Fund Representatives (CIRO)

*CSI decommissioned the Fundamentals of Financial Planning and Building a Mutual Funds Advisory Practice in October 2022. For Stream 2, CSI will continue to recognize the decommissioned courses for those who have completed or are currently enrolled in and are working toward completion of the courses.

Stream 3: QAFP® Certification Route for Investment Advisors (CIRO)

Pre-requisite Requirements

Please refer to the FP Canada website for information on experience requirements and pre-requisites (such as college/university diplomas or degrees).