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As a holder of CSI’s FCSI® credential, you are licensed to use the FCSI® mark (the “Certification Mark”).

  1. Licensee hereby acknowledges that CSI owns the entire right, title and interest in and to the trademarks “FCSI®,” “Fellow of CSI” and any logos that include either or both of those trademarks (collectively, the “FCSI Trademarks”).
  2. CSI hereby grants to Licensee a non-exclusive licence to use the FCSI® Trademarks in association with the provision of financial services to the public for a one-year term, commencing on the date written below. Licensee hereby explicitly acknowledges that Licensee is not entitled, by virtue of receiving this designation, to its use other than under the terms of this licence. This Agreement and the licence granted hereunder will be renewed automatically every year for another one-year term upon payment by Licensee of the FCSI® annual renewal fee and provided that Licensee is otherwise in compliance with all of the requirements associated with the FCSI® and conveyed to Licensee by CSI.
  3. In order to maintain the right to the use of the FCSI® Trademarks, Licensee agrees to maintain any and all standards set by CSI for the character and quality of the services to be provided in association with any of the FCSI® Trademarks. CSI shall convey such standards to Licensee from time to time. Such standards shall include but not be limited to the FCSI® Code of Ethics. Licensee also agrees to any maintenance requirements required to retain the FCSI®.
  4. Licensee agrees that CSI may monitor the provision of services provided by Licensee in association with the FCSI® Trademarks and that, in the event that CSI determines that the quality of those services does not meet the standards set by CSI, CSI may terminate this licence to use the FCSI® Trademarks upon a notice of 60 days. Licensee agrees with CSI that the final determination with respect to the termination of this licence shall be made by the FCSI® Ethics Committee. Upon termination of this licence, Licensee shall immediately cease to use or display any of the FCSI® Trademarks for any purpose whatsoever.
  5. Licensee shall at all times display the FCSI® Trademarks in accordance with FCSI® Trademark Display Guidelines.