What is the Certificate in Technical Analysis?

The Certificate in Technical Analysis provides validation that you have completed a rigorous program that requires a demonstration of knowledge and skills in the areas of capital markets and technical analysis. Completing this program will equip you to appreciate and apply analytical techniques from both the worlds of traditional fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

What skills will you develop?

  • In-depth understanding of capital markets, the benefits and risks of various investment products
  • Learn fundamental analytical tools such as financial ratios and the dividend discount model
  • Understand various types of financial instruments and their benefits and risks
  • Compare and contrast fundamental and technical analysis
  • Distinguish between economic, industry and company analysis
  • Calculate and interpret the intrinsic value of a stock
  • Construct and interpret bar, line, candlestick and point and figure charts
  • Identify support and resistance levels and trend lines
  • Read and interpret continuation and reversal chart patterns
  • Use trend-following and momentum statistical market indicators
  • Understand the relationship between various types of markets (commodities, fixed income, foreign exchange and equity)
  • Understand the benefits and detriments of high frequency trading
  • Implement money market rules
  • Gain knowledge of cycle and Intermarket analysis
  • Formulate a trading plan

What is the path to the Certificate in Technical Analysis?

Who should enrol?

  • Investment advisors and representatives who want to distinguish themselves with knowledge of both fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Individuals who wish to move into or progress in professional trading roles on either the buy or sell side. This certificate is on the path to the Certificate in Equity Trading and Sales and the Certificate in Fixed Income Trading and Sales.
  • Self-directed investors who just want to sharpen their trading skills.
  • Junior analysts and portfolio managers who want to learn more about technical analysis and how it can complement fundamental analysis.