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Twenty years into this millennium, we have already witnessed three economic and market crises: the bursting of the technology stock market bubble in 2000, the financial crisis of 2008/09, and the pandemic-led economic and market meltdown of 2020. The impact of these crises, particularly the latter two, has taken the form of drastically lower interest rates (even negative in some cases) coupled with extreme stock market volatility. Yield-hungry and risk-averse investors in each crisis have sought out alternative investment products as a means to diversify their portfolios, preserve their capital, and bridge the return gap. The chosen products include alternative assets such as commodities, private equity, infrastructure, and real estate, and the various types of alternative strategies found in hedge funds.

Alternative strategies are covered in detail in CSI’s “Alternative Strategies: Hedge Funds and Liquid Alternative course”.

This course covers alternative assets, which have been in existence in one form or another for several decades. Once the choice of only wealthy individuals, alternative assets have now moved into the mainstream and are within reach of even the average investor. It looks at the unique features, risks, and benefits of alternative assets and examines the different means by which investors can access these investments.

Who should enrol?

  • Investment advisors who are subject to CE requirements for professional development
  • Financial planners who are subject to CE requirements for professional development
  • Wealth managers who are subject to CE requirements for professional development
  • Those wanting to further their knowledge of alternative investments