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The discipline of advising clients demands a client-centred approach and a comprehensive understanding of each client’s situation. To truly understand a client and ensure that you are providing appropriate advice, you need much more than a client’s basic information. Clients do not always clearly state their central concerns about their financial needs and goals. In this course, you will learn how to help your clients articulate their needs and help them prioritize their goals with various tools and strategies. The course also focuses on behavioural finance, which holds that investors are influenced by the personal beliefs and biases that ultimately affect their risk tolerance. The conversation about risk is one of the most important aspects of your relationship with your clients. It is one of the keys to understanding where your clients are right now, where they want to be in the future, and how they can reach their destination.

The course is one of seven within the Advanced Mutual Fund Advice (AMFA) program, which is the learning path required to obtain the Certificate in Mutual Fund Advice. It is also part of the education required for the Personal Financial Planner (PFP®) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designations.

What skills will you develop?

The Client Discovery (CLDI) course is designed to help you confidently deliver the right advice to your clients based on their individual needs. Completing this course will also help you:

  • Improve your communication skills and build stronger and more profitable relationships with your clients
  • Assess your client’s wealth planning needs
  • Incorporate behavioural finance concepts into strategic asset allocation discussions and decisions

Who should enrol?

This course is designed for mutual fund advisors who want to build flexibility into their financial planning careers. It is suitable for entry-level professionals who may already have their mutual fund licence, including both junior mutual fund dealing representatives and more senior reps who want to transition from a transaction-based business to one that is focused on providing financial advice.