What will you learn about?

Investment advisors and dealer members are uniquely positioned to play a critical role in the detection and prevention of money laundering. This course provides an overview of money laundering issues and discusses the importance of “knowing your client” in relation to maintaining an effective anti-money laundering program.

What is the course syllabus?

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Lesson 1 - Background on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Topics covered in this chapter are:

  • Money Laundering
  • Background on Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Laws

Lesson 2 - Beneficial Ownership and Red Flags

Topics covered in this chapter are:

  • Fulfilling Client Identification Requirements

Lesson 3 - Politically Exposed Persons and Red Flags

Topics covered in this chapter are:

  • Who is a PEP?
  • Heads of International Organizations
  • Family Members and Close Associates of PEPs
  • Can a business be designated a PEP?
  • Risks of PEPs
  • Doing Business with PEPs
  • Reasonable Measures to Identify and Verify
  • Assessing Risk
  • Transaction Monitoring and Ongoing Monitoring

Lesson 4 - Practical Considerations

Topics covered in this chapter are:

  • Account Opening Red Flags
  • Account Transaction Red Flags

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