What is the course syllabus?

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Module 1 – The Behavioral Economics Perspective

In this audio module, students will learn about behavioral economics, and how this applies to investment behavior and financial decision making.

Module 2 – Financial Decision Making

In this audio module, you will gain a deeper understanding of the psychology that influences financial decisions, and the impact of key biases and heuristics on those decisions.

Module 3 – How We Think About Risk

Risk perception is shaped by many factors. In this audio module, we will explore how there is often a gap between our assessment of risk and reality, and how this impacts financial decisions.

Module 4 – How We Think About Time

Our expectations for our future, and our memories of the past influence our choices in predictable ways. In this audio module, you will learn about how we can overcome the biases that impact our perception of time.

Module 5 – How We Think About Advice

Even when we have the necessary information and an action plan, we do not always follow through. In this audio module, you will learn ways to present information and create strategies to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Module 6 – Tying It All Together

Review the overarching principles that guide behaviour. In this audio module, you will explore how the interventions we have covered so far can be combined in practical ways.