CSI will be performing system maintenance on Saturday May 11th from 5 a.m. until 1 p.m. ET. You will not have access to your “myCSI” student account, nor will you be able to book, cancel or reschedule exams during this time. You can still access your online course materials by visiting connect.csi.ca then connecting to “Blackboard Learn”.

What will you learn about?

  • Developing Your Mutual Fund Practice
  • Managing Your Mutual Fund Practice
  • Adhering to Professional Sales Practice Standards
  • Investment Management Process — Investment Management
  • Asset Allocation
  • Mutual Fund Selection — Traditional Mutual Fund Selection
  • Advanced Mutual Fund Selection Criteria
  • Mutual Fund Selection — How Mutual Funds Use Derivatives
  • Accumulation Products — Hedge Funds, PPNs, ABSs, ETFs, Segregated Funds and Life Cycle Funds
  • Deaccumulation Products — Income Generating Funds, GICs, MBSs, Annuities and Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Plans

How will you learn?

CSI’s online learning system helps you meet your study goals. You’ll benefit from:

  • Interactive online resources including textbook material in PDF format
  • Online exercises that follow all readings
  • Online quiz at the end of each section
  • Action plan to reflect on readings and conceive how to put ideas into practice