What will you learn about?

This course focuses on two prevailing themes:

  • How can individuals invest in Bitcoin?
    There are various structures and vehicles presently available to individual investors that facilitate the purchase of Bitcoin. In some instances, they enable investors to hold Bitcoin directly (similar to the way an individual may possess a share certificate). Given the various ways in which Bitcoin may be held and acquired, investors should make sure they understand the benefits and drawbacks of the different Bitcoin investment opportunities.

  • What are the risks of investing in Bitcoin, and how are they mitigated?
    Given the speed at which bitcoins have increased in price, they have naturally drawn increasing interest from the mainstream investing public. Investors who wish to be well informed should learn how bitcoins are manufactured and distributed. Some come with expert advice and regulatory protection and some do not. Potential investors should therefore inform themselves about the type of entity they are dealing with, including whether and by whom it is regulated.

Investors and their advisors will therefore need to understand the intricacies of Bitcoin as an investment vehicle, just as they would seek to understand the business of individual equity. In this course, we explain what Bitcoin is and how it developed. We also explain how to invest in Bitcoin and the risks of various investment products. Finally, we discuss the due diligence and suitability requirements in the investment industry and how they relate to investing in Bitcoin.

What is the course syllabus?

  • Section 1: An Introduction to Bitcoin

  • Section 2: How to Invest in Bitcoin: Benefits and Risks

  • Section 3: Due Diligence and Suitability – Rules and Processes